» When and How to Respond to a Negative Review

A former client wrote an unflattering review of your services and now you’re worried about how this will affect future business.  Fortunately, WeddingWire allows you to “Respond” to reviews in an effort to remedy the situation and deflect potential damage, but it’s important to consider when and how you respond.  By responding appropriately to a client’s review, even if you don’t agree with their comments, you show that you take a personal interest in your business and care to make it better.  Before you get started, keep these few tips in mind:

  •  Your responses are made public on WeddingWire: Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want a potential client to see.  If you come across as aggressive, argumentative or disingenuous, potential customers will see this as a turn-off and eliminate you from their list of potential vendors.  Write with your prospects in mind.
  •  Respond when you’re at fault: If someone leaves a review with legitimate concerns and complaints, it’s in your best interest to try to correct the situation.  Apologize and explain why it won’t happen again, and offer a remedy to the particular situation.
  •  Respond when the review states incorrect information: Politely correct the reviewer.  Sometimes a review is written for the incorrect business, so step in and take this as an opportunity to educate potential customers on your pricing, policies and business practices.
  •  Don’t add fuel to the fire: Some clients will never be satisfied with the service you provided.  Don’t waste your time trying to convince them otherwise, and encourage other clients to write a positive review to balance this one out.
  •  Never respond when you’re still angry: Whether you had a bad day, or the client was difficult to please, remember that you can’t satisfy everyone.  Personal attacks and a defensive attitude will not win you future business.
  •  Keep it simple: When you choose it’s appropriate to respond, keep your comments to about 5 concise sentences and move on.

Be proactive and encourage all of your clients to write reviews of your business on WeddingWire.  Customers use this information to evaluate your business and make informed decisions – be responsive, approachable and professional! When you are logged into your account you will see a link below all of your reviews if you like to “Respond.”