» Top 10 WeddingWire Resolutions

Top 10 WeddingWire ResolutionsIt’s 2014 – whether you’re ready or not! We know you’re probably dreaming up your personal New Year’s resolutions, but have you considered your business’ New Year’s resolutions? What do you wish to accomplish or do differently as a business this year?

Premium WeddingWire members may find that many of their business’ New Year’s resolutions can be accomplished from within their WeddingWire accounts. If you’re ready to make your business more effective and efficient in 2014, try our top 10 WeddingWire resolutions!

Update your Storefront.

It may seem simple, but a few updates to your WeddingWire Storefront can make a huge difference to new and potential clients. Update your messaging to include any new products or services, and try to upload some new photos to show potential clients that you always have new, fresh experiences to share.

Configure your Mobile Site.

Mobile usage grew significantly in 2013, and it will only continue to take over in the New Year. Our Mobile Site Creator allows you to mobilize your own business website in seconds! Customers on-the-go will see your photos, reviews, and info so they can contact you with the tap of a finger.

Join a conversation in the Pro Forums.

Grow your professional network and industry knowledge by becoming a regular in the Pro Forums! Thousands of Pros nationwide are there to offer expert advice, personal experiences and professional opinions to other Wedding Pros. Try jumping into a conversation that interests you and see what you can learn!

Stay up to date on Education.

Since you’re already reading this blog post, you’re off to a good start! You always have access to our Education Center, but you can deepen your relationship with WeddingWireEDU in 2014 by liking us on Facebook, adding us to your Google+ circles, and following us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You’ll never miss a post or event!

Optimize your Storefront for Search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has only grown in the past few years, which means it will continue to be important in the New Year! Improve your SEO rankings for your Storefront and your own website across Google, Yahoo and Bing by creating a custom url, receiving direct inbound links and adding custom SEO content all from within your account.

Build your reputation with more Reviews.

We make it easy to enhance your credibility and grow your online reputation with our online review management system. Easily request reviews from past clients and even collect them using personalized emails with tracking. We also make it easy to showcase your reviews – and you could get awards based on the number and quality of your reviews!

Try Video marketing.

Stand out from the competition by trying video marketing in 2014! Turn your photos into high-quality videos with the Video Builder by simply choosing your photos, selecting a song and adding your business details. It’s free within your account – what are you waiting for?

Start using Client Sites.

Impress your clients with a personalized, branded Client Site for each of your events. Secure and mobile friendly, each Client Site provides easy access to contracts, questionnaires, and more! Make it easy for 2014 clients to interact with you online in a safe way.

Get more bookings with our Clients tab.

You have access to this suite of industry-leading tools that allow you to manage your client relationships, from prospect to payment – included at no additional cost. There are so many benefits to using our Clients tab that we can’t even list them here! Check out this blog post detailing how these tools will help you manage your clients so you can focus on doing what you love.

Cross off these resolutions as you grow your business in 2014!