» The Top Three “Can’t Miss” Components of a Real Wedding Submission


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It’s a simple fact that we as Wedding Professionals often fall in love with the weddings as much the brides do.  We get giddy over the favors and the place settings, and even find ourselves catching our breath upon the debut of “the” dress.

And when you’ve come across one that’s particularly fetching, your first inclination may be to compile your favorite images and send them along to a selected Editor for consideration for an upcoming feature. What many wedding professionals forget, however, is that it often takes far more than simply a handful of images to wow a wedding blog or magazine.

Below you’ll find some of the top can’t miss components of your next real wedding submission that you’ll want to consider before you hit “send”:

  1. The Rules:  Every media outlet is going to have its own definitive set of submission guidelines- from preferred image size to required information from the bride.  Take the time to review the rules for the given media outlet and follow them to a T.
  1. The Story: While the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly true, it doesn’t hurt to move things along by sharing the couples’ story. When submitting a wedding, add a bit about the day itself—from favorite details and personal touches to what planning advice they’d share with others. The couples will appreciate the opportunity to be included in the process, and you’ll also be adding a new level of depth to your selected images.
  1. The Team: A well executed wedding is almost always the result of an extensive wedding team so now is the time to make sure everyone receives their well deserved kudos. When prepping a submission, be sure to include every Wedding Professional who participated in the big day—from the planner and the photographer to the hair and makeup artists and the entertainment.  Not only is it a great gesture, it also opens the door to allow you to contact the vendors should the wedding get featured.  Your colleagues may be just as excited as you are to promote any press, which will only increase exposure for your company.

Photo credit: Rob Garland Photographers

A fabulous wedding wins you over in an instance and it’s easy to let the excitement get the best of you. By taking just a bit more time to keep in mind the above components, you’re far more likely to see your name in lights.

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