» The Customer Success Team’s Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

The Customer Success Team’s Top 5 Frequently Asked QuestionsAs a member of the Customer Success team, I work with WeddingWire’s premium members. As a team we consider ourselves WeddingWire experts and hope to pass along our experience and expertise with WeddingWire to our Pros to be sure you see a return on your investment!

While we’re always learning new things about our Pros and their businesses everyday, below are my team’s top five frequently asked questions. If these questions haven’t been answered for you as a WeddingWire Pro yet, hopefully this post will help fill you in.

1. How can I get more leads?

Being concerned with how many leads you’re likely to receive or how many of those leads will convert into bookings is at the top of most Pros minds, especially after becoming a premium member on WeddingWire. In order to generate more leads from your advertisement, you need to be sure you put your best foot forward. This includes making sure you have collected as many reviews as possible, displaying professional photos of your work and spending time explaining your business in your About Us section. Putting time into your advertisement on WeddingWire will result in more leads and more booked weddings and events.

2. I don’t feel comfortable reaching out for reviews. Does that matter?

WeddingWire is a website built on reviews. We take our review system very seriously, as we’ve created a community of prospective newlyweds who rely on our Reviews and trust their legitimacy. Even if reaching out for reviews from your past clients is something foreign to you, we urge you to try.

Keep in mind that many of your competitors are asking for reviews from their clients, and you could be doing your business a disservice by not soliciting reviews from past clients.  If you’re still not sure if reaching out for reviews is for you, try posting a status on your Facebook Business Page that includes your personalized review URL. This is a great way to ease into collecting reviews for your business, and you’ll be surprised at how many of your clients are more than happy to post their amazing experiences on WeddingWire.

3. How long until I get my first lead?

After the excitement of starting a new advertising venture, most Pros immediately want to know, “How long until this starts working?!” The answer to this question is different for each business. While some Pros will receive a lead within hours of signing up with WeddingWire, other businesses may take a few weeks or more to receive their first lead.

Keep in mind that prospective couples are likely doing a lot of research when searching all over the internet for their Wedding Pros. You’re taking the right steps by making sure you have a presence so that your business will be more visible to them. Just because you do not receive a lead within the first week of advertising does not mean WeddingWire is not working for you!

Make sure you ask all of your prospective clients where they found you, or if they read any reviews about you as well. Because we do not require our users to create an account to search the catalog, many couples will reach out to you directly via your contact form on your website or by picking up the phone! Even if you don’t have an inquiry in your WeddingWire account, that doesn’t necessarily mean your clients didn’t first find you on WeddingWire or our partner sites.

4. How will social media help my business?

Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can be extremely daunting for beginners. The good news is social media outlets can be extremely helpful in marketing and raising brand awareness about your business. Most engaged couples use Facebook, so having a Facebook business page is essentially free visibility for your business. With Twitter’s popularity on mobile devices, having a Twitter account can attract potential clients on the go.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you choose to create social media accounts you should be active on them. To stand out in their home feeds, post regularly with content that has value and encourages engagement. You can also host small contests or other promotions to boost your following. For example, try asking your fans to vote for your new main image or cover photo.

5. What can I do to make myself stand out in the directory?

There are typically two different types of couples looking for their Wedding Pros: one type is more analytical, while the other type is more emotional. The analytical couple is strictly interested in your reviews, your experience, and what you can offer them, while the emotional couple will connect instantly with a photo or video. Appeal to both types of couples by making sure you are diligent about collecting reviews, while still putting your best foot forward with beautiful photos that stand out from your competition.

Have you had any of these questions before? Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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