» Request and Track Reviews with the New Review Collector Tool

WeddingWire just made it even easier to get more reviews! Our new Review Collector Tool makes it simple for your business to get more reviews, and also track your requests from past clients.

Get More Reviews

  • Request reviews from your past clients with a simple and customizable email template
  • Import your contacts with ease directly from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Windows or a CSV file
  • Get a personalized review URL to send to past clients or add to marketing collateral
  • Add a new Review Us button to your website or blog to remind your clients to review your services

Track Your Requests

  • As a paying member, we will send email reminders on your behalf to clients who haven’t responded
  • Check out the status of your requests and see how many have been sent, opened and completed
  • Easily view your new reviews and respond to thank your past clients

Showcase My Reviews

  • Share your awards based on your reviews, including WeddingWire Rated
  • Add the My Review Widget to your business website, which is automatically updated with new reviews
  • Place a unique QR code on your website or blog so customers can use their phones to quickly access your Storefront and reviews

We are very excited to help your business grow and connect to new potential clients by generating more past client reviews! Check out the new Review Collector Tool in your account, and get started today!

Have questions? The WeddingWire team is here to help!