» Pro Network Basics

We all know the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” At WeddingWire, we are passionate about the value behind networking online and in the wedding community to establish personal contacts with both potential clients and other industry professionals.

Creating contacts is particularly important in the wedding industry, and WeddingWire offers a unique professional networking tool, the Pro Network, to connect your business to other Wedding Pros. Take advantage of this tool and connect with your colleagues, share endorsements and highlight your accomplishments. Pro Network endorsements serve as colleague reviews on the site, and can be effective to grow business and gain potential clients.

To get started, simply click on the Pro Network tab within your WeddingWire account to see the different ways you can connect with other local Wedding Pros and manage your network.

Pro Network Basics:

Pros I Know – Send or accept invitations to connect with other Wedding Pros you know or have previously worked with. You can easily navigate between your connections, those you sent invitations to, and those who you received invitations from. You will be automatically notified via email when you receive a new invitation request so you will know to log into your account to make new connections! Once connected, you can give and receive endorsements of each other’s businesses. Use the search bar on the far right of your screen, and review your personalized suggestions from the Pros You May Know section to send requests to connect with other colleagues.

Preferred Pros – Create your list of trusted Wedding Pros from the Pros I Know section. Your Preferred Pros list can be added to your Storefront, shared with clients through email and printing, and displayed on your website or blog using our Preferred Pros Widget.

Endorsements – After a connection has been made, you have both the ability to give and receive endorsements. Think of an endorsement as a review from a Wedding Pro. Endorsements can be displayed on your Storefront for potential clients to see, and you can use the Endorsement Widget to share them on your website or blog.

Associations – Are you a member of any wedding associations?  Share your credentials, and add them to your network. Simply search by the name or location of the association and click to request to join.