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Same-sex wedding adviceSame-sex wedding advice

A venue coordinator is about to host her first same-sex marriage and wants to make sure she doesn’t offend the two brides. Other experienced Pros offer advice for same-sex wedding etiquette and special considerations for newer traditions.

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Handling contract mistakes

What happens when you make a mistake in your initial contract? A southern wedding planner seeks advice on a contract mistake which has resulted in an unexpected fee. Who should be responsible for paying the difference?

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Working with verbal contracts

A beauty Pro expresses her frustrations regarding a client who keeps changing the services requested, but there is no written contract to enforce. How do you suggest she work with this client to find a good solution based on a verbal contract?

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Mic options for officiants

Officiants: What kind of microphone do you prefer to use? Do you bring your own, or do you work with the DJ? A DJ posts about his troubles with an officiant who refuses to use anything but a lapel mic, and officiants weigh in on how to handle the situation.

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