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Pro Forum Buzz: Raw Video Footage, Declining Weddings & MoreProviding raw footage to clients

Videographers: do you provide unedited, raw video footage to your clients? Do you charge a fee? Professionals discuss the possible pros and cons of selling raw footage of a client’s wedding day and how to handle any backlash.

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Declining weddings

When is it acceptable to decline working or performing at someone’s wedding? Wedding professionals discuss this topic as it relates to situations like prison weddings and how discrimination laws come into play.

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Attracting destination wedding couples

Destination Pros: How do you attract couples shopping for destination wedding? Join the conversation and exchange marketing tips from both vendor and consumer points of view.

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Non-abuse clauses

What are the merits of having a non-abuse clause in your contract? Pros take a look at the protection this type of clause provides in extreme circumstances and whether or not they’ve ever had to invoke it with a client.

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