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Pro Forum Buzz: Fall 2015 Bookings, Contract Advice and MoreContract advice

Do you allow anyone other than the engaged couple to sign a contract? If the bride or groom isn’t the person paying for your services, is the paying party authorized to sign the contract? Wedding Pros from various categories share their experiences.

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Fall 2015 bookings

Pros discuss their bookings so far for the 2015 fall season and whether or not they have the capacity for more. Also discussed: booking patterns, booking variances by month and what constitutes a “busy” month for different types of Pros.

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Sharing price quotes

An Invitations Pro believes that her prospects and some wedding planners are using her price quotes to haggle with competitors in the area. Have you ever experienced this sort of situation? How would you prevent price-shopping clients from ruling you out right from the beginning?

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New business marketing tips

A new wedding professional is seeking advice on marketing their services in their local market, but she doesn’t have a big budget to work with. What marketing strategies have worked for your wedding business that won’t break the bank?

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