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Clients working with vendorsTop client complaints

A Pro shares a link to our wedding forums where brides discuss their most frustrating interactions with wedding professionals. On the board, Pros talk about the most common complaints and how they address them in their own businesses.

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DIY nightmares

A florist seeks advice for dealing with couples who incorporate do-it-yourself elements into the décor. What happens when something goes wrong with the client’s DIY? Whose responsibility is it to come up with an alternate plan? Pros chat about what to do.

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Experience with wedding expos

Is it OK to register for wedding expos even if you don’t plan on purchasing a booth? A Pro seeks advice from others about wedding expo best practices and following common courtesy with other professionals in the industry.

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How to handle a delay in schedule

A DJ asks for advice based on a recent situation where the venue had issues that caused the reception to start late. Should the DJ ask to be compensated for the extra time? Who should pay the overtime, the couple or the venue?

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