» Latest Updates to WeddingWire Analytics Beta

WeddingWire is excited to introduce new updates to our Analytics beta tool!

Since launching last April, we’ve been collecting feedback and improvement requests, and we’re thrilled to add some exciting new features as we continue to work on future updates to the tool.

Check out the newest features added to Analytics beta:

  • Reviews Analytics: Cumulative monthly reviews written about your business. Compare your reviews to the median number collected by all Pros and premium Pros in your region and category.
  • Table View: Cumulative monthly data in table form for easy comparison and analysis.
  • Export All: Download your Traffic and Reviews Analytics for all your listed regions and categories.

As of today, these Analytics beta updates are now available within the Advertising tab of your WeddingWire account. You can read more about WeddingWire Analytics in the Education Center of your account. We’ve also updated our Knowledge Base with tips for understanding your new insights!

These updates were based on feedback from our community of Pros! If you have more feedback about future Analytics enhancements, please provide us with your feedback here and how you’d like to see it grow in the future.

WeddingWire Traffic Analytics, along with guaranteed directory placement, is only available to Premium WeddingWire members. Learn more about upgrading at vendors.weddingwire.com or get started by contacting us at sales@weddingwire.com.