» Latest Updates to Make Connecting with Clients Easier

We’ve made some exciting updates to your WeddingWire account! To make it easier than ever to share your favorite documents, stay organized, and communicate more quickly, we’ve added a number of WeddingWire Messages enhancements. Plus, Florists and Wedding Planners will notice updated new vendor directory search filters based on pricing information. Learn more about each update below!

Frequently Attached Documents in WeddingWire Messages

Frequently Attached Documents

Do you have a few key documents you typically share with couples who are interested in learning more about your business, such as pricing packages, service details, or a marketing brochure? Now, it’s easier than ever to share these attachments from within your Messages inbox.

How does it work?

The attachments you’ve shared most will be listed as ‘Frequent Attachments’ when you click ‘Attach File’ while you’re composing a message reply.  Simply select one and send it with your message. If you prefer, you can still choose to upload custom attachments from your computer each time, but it’s faster to choose a commonly shared document from this list.

Inbox Search

Inbox Search in WeddingWire Messages

Staying on top of your Messages or finding a specific client’s history can be challenging for busy wedding pros. To help, we’ve added a new search feature to your Messages inbox.

How does it work?

Use the new search box at the top of your Messages inbox within your account to search by key information and instantly find the client details you need. You can search by first name, last name, email address, or even past message content to find what you’re looking for and catch up on your conversation.

‘Not Interested’ Quick Reply

‘Not Interested’ Quick Reply in WeddingWire Messages

Recently we introduced a Quick Reply that allows you to click the ‘Not Available’ button and let a couple know through an auto-generated customizable message that you are booked on their wedding date. Now we have added another Quick Reply that lets you politely tell couples you are ‘Not Interested’ so they can take you off their list of possible vendors.

Why should you use this feature?

Just like you get may frustrated when couples leave you wondering whether they still need your services, the same experience happens to couples who are busy planning their big day. If you’re not the best fit for their wedding for a clear reason — budget constraints, personality incompatibility, or travel requirements to name a few — politely let them know so they can move on to other options.

We know you’re busy, so we have made it easy! Simply click the ‘Not Interested’ button within the message and auto-generate a customizable message to thank them for their interest, but indicate that you’re not the best fit for their needs.

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Florists and Wedding Planners:  Book more business by sharing your prices

Florists and Wedding Planners:  Book more business by sharing your prices

As you may know, 88% of couples want to see pricing details before contacting a wedding professional so they can have an informed first interaction with your business. To help provide couples with this information and so that those who are a good fit are more likely submit a lead, WeddingWire added optional pricing details to your Business FAQs last year.

Now we’ve updated the WeddingWire vendor directory search filter for florists and wedding planners so couples can easily find wedding professionals within their desired price range. Photographers, videographers, ceremony musicians, and DJs already have this feature enabled, but now your business can add your basic pricing information, list the services you provide, and even upload your rate card to share accurate information with actively searching couples!

For more information, check out the Support Center, or contact us any time!