» Introducing Quick Leads by WeddingWire

Get Quick Leads to connect you with clients via phoneIt’s no secret that response time is a huge factor in whether or not a prospective client will book your wedding business. The quicker you respond, the more likely a couple is to perceive the quality of your product or service to be higher.

In fact, our data shows that 70% of engaged couples find vendor responsiveness to be one of the most important characteristics to look for while researching professionals. To help your business respond to your inquiries faster, we developed Quick Leads, the newest feature from WeddingWire!

Available to all premium WeddingWire members, Quick Leads allows you to instantly connect by phone when prospective clients inquire about your services. When a couple leaves a phone number in the contact form on your WeddingWire Storefront, you’ll instantly receive an automated call with an offer to connect you with the couple who inquired. If the couple doesn’t leave a phone number in the contact form, you’ll receive a text message with their information so you can still take action quickly.

As part of Quick Leads, you’ll receive a unique WeddingWire phone number to be displayed on your Storefront which allows you to view and track your phone leads in your account. Your unique WeddingWire phone number will appear on your Storefront in place of your business number. All calls made to this number will be forwarded immediately to your business number!

Because Quick Leads uses Dynamic Number Insertion to change your Business Phone Number to your unique WeddingWire number on your Storefront, Google and other search engines will only see your actual business phone number when they are crawling your Storefront.

The best part about Quick Leads? There will be no outward indication that you have Quick Leads enabled! When a couple submits a lead that includes their phone number, they will not know that WeddingWire has reached out to offer to connect you with them. From the consumer perspective, it will appear that your business is just very good (and fast!) at responding to their request.

Quick Leads is an optional feature that is included for all premium WeddingWire members. Find out more about Quick Leads here. If you do not wish to have Quick Leads and would like to remove your unique WeddingWire phone number, you can do so within the Client Response Settings in your WeddingWire account. If you would like to share feedback about Quick Leads or suggest future updates, please visit our feedback page.