» Choose a Stand-Out Main Image

What is the first thing that couples notice when reviewing the WeddingWire vendor catalog? Your business’ main image! It is extremely important that this image is clear, professional, and attention-grabbing. The main images that get clicked the most by engaged couples are real photos that are fun and joyful. Aspirational images that show a couple or a party celebrating are very engaging to potential clients – and can be applicable across categories. Couples like to see an image of what they envision for their big day and evoke feelings of love, celebration and happiness!

If you have a logo that you love, we encourage you to include it in your About Us section of your Storefront instead of showcasing it as your main image. Besides the fact that potential clients prefer real photos, there can also be sizing and formatting issues when you attempt to use a logo as your main image. With certain logo design dimensions, sometimes they will get cut off or distorted because of the size of the thumbnail in the catalog. Additionally, since the main image is a thumbnail, it is challenging to read text in a small window, which isn’t a positive experience for engaged couples reviewing their options for Wedding Pros in your category.

Once you select your main image, be sure to view your listing in the vendor catalog. That way, you will be able to view your image from the perspective of a potential client, and determine if you love your selected image or whether a different photo might be a better choice. Switching your image every few months is a fun way to keep your catalog updated, and you can select an image you love by season, and test out different images to see what generates the most leads to your business. Have fun with your Storefront!