» GayWeddings.com & WeddingWire Reveal Facts Behind Same-Sex Weddings

WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com - Network Partners

This week, GayWeddings.com and WeddingWire were excited to announce results from our recent survey of same-sex weddings in 2012.

The comprehensive survey asked members of the WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com communities to share the details of their recent wedding planning experience. Survey results indicated same-sex couples are expanding the ways they plan their weddings, just as the mainstream market is embracing them.

Check out some top findings from the survey:

  • Engagement is being signified by two rings: In the engagement phase, more than two-thirds of couples signified their engagement with two rings (one for each partner), rather than the traditional one ring for the female partner.
  •  Wedding essentials matter: Regardless of the legality of the union, 93 percent of couples budgeted for flowers and said venue, attire, catering and photography/videography are wedding day essentials.
  • Top planning resources: The top three planning resources for these couples were wedding websites such as WeddingWire.com, same-sex specific websites such as GayWeddings.com, and books or magazines. Additionally, 80 percent of couples reported that they preferred resources that were fully inclusive to all couples.
  • Smaller weddings are popular: Though same-sex weddings are growing in size, they remain smaller and more intimate relative to heterosexual weddings. Those same-sex couples surveyed reported an average of 80 guests compared to heterosexual couples who reported an average of 170 guests.
  • Language matters: Only 38 percent of couples described the marketing and client materials of their wedding professionals as fully inclusive. The large majority of couples indicated that inclusive language in these materials was very or somewhat important to them when selecting a professional.
  • Honeymoons happen: Post-wedding, more than 80 percent of couples went on a planned honeymoon, which comes close to the 86 percent of heterosexual couples who went on a honeymoon.

These new findings and statistics are important for LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals as you embrace all kinds of loving couples, and the growing community of same-sex couples tying the knot this year and in the near future! For more information, read the full press release here.

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