» Fuse Online and Offline Marketing Techniques

In order to make the most of your business’ marketing reach, it can be helpful to fuse traditional marketing techniques with some of today’s online tools. With the exponential growth of websites being accessed through mobile and tablet devices, it is more important than ever before to manage your online accounts and usability. Now is a great time to incorporate more unique marketing techniques to make your business stand out!

See the examples below of fusing online and offline marketing techniques to improve your business’ visibility, and read more about the topic on Hubspot.

Create a Call-To-Action

Give your client a reason to interact with your business with a compelling call-to-action. A great tool to connect from print or an in-person interaction at industry events to your web presence is the use of QR (Quick Response) codes. QR codes give mobile users instant access to your business and client reviews.

QR Codes

Clients and the public can learn more about your business through QR codes. Easily scan QR codes by using a downloaded QR code Reader App for your mobile phone, and taking a screenshot of the QR code image. It will then lead directly to the website or information linked to the QR code.

WeddingWire creates a free, personalized QR code for all vendors, located on the My Dashboard and My Reviews section of your WeddingWire account.  This personalized QR Code lets potential customers instantly learn more about your business and read your reviews by visiting a mobile version of your WeddingWire Storefront using their mobile phone.

Display this QR code on your website or blog so customers can use their phones to quickly access your Storefront and read your reviews!  To access your QR code:

  • Log In to your WeddingWire account
  • Locate your personalized QR code on the My Dashboard or My Reviews section of your WeddingWire account
  • Right click on your personalized bar code and save the image to your computer
  • Place the image in the desired location of your blog or website

Additionally, you can print your personalized QR code poster to display at your business and special events for an easily scan-able display piece!

Let Offline Lead to Online

Be sure to leave a clear connection from your in-person experience to your online presence. On any promotional materials, include clear links to your business social media accounts, QR codes and websites and blogs.

Directing clients to your online marketing tools will encourage them to check out your online brand, and give them direct access to contact you, while easily sharing your professional expertise.

Connect with a Blog Post

Blogs are a great way to create new content to your website, and share your personality and accomplishments with your audience. Blog posts can be as simple as providing a re-cap of a recent event, sharing some inspiration or industry knowledge, or giving a personal look into your business.

With all new posts, be sure to share through your social media accounts and encourage reader responses and communication! Blogs can be great networking tools to generate more business connections and potential clients.