» Does Your Business Need a Message Makeover?

The first key to booking more business is connecting with your potential clients!

Whether an engaged couple is reaching out to you to learn more about your business and services, connect for your first consultation or reach you with a question about their big day once you are booked, it is important that they are easily and effectively able to connect with you.

We encourage the ability to connect with your business in a variety of ways, including submitting a contact form, scheduling an appointment directly on your website or Storefront, or simply picking up the phone!

At some point in the planning process, the couple will call your business. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for them to reach you! If you miss a potential client’s call, you don’t want them to have to jump through hoops to leave you a message, which too often can be the case in the hectic wedding industry where Pros are always on-the-go an balancing lots of events.

With engagement season approaching, it’s important to be reachable!

Book more business by following these easy 5 tips to effectively connect with potential clients:

  • Make sure that your voicemail is set up: With so many new phone releases, many of us have picked up new devices or service providers. Double-check that your voicemail is activated and personalized. How can a potential client let you know that they’re interested in your services if there is no way for them to leave you a message, or if they are not sure they reached your personal or business line without a personalized voice message?
  • Remember to check your voicemails: If a potential client is calling you and they cannot leave you a message because your voicemail is full, it gives the wrong impression. Hearing a recording saying that your voicemail is full tells the client that you’re not around to check your voicemails or that you’re unresponsive and unprofessional.
  • Be concise: If your voicemail has a ton of options, it discourages couples from sticking through to the end of them (engaged couples are busy too!). Be sure that the phone number you have listed on your WeddingWire Storefront, website, and business pages goes straight to a person, not a menu, and be as direct as possible to avoid confusion and frustration.
  • Clarity is key: If you are sticking with a menu, ensure that it is clear what extension or person the caller should reach ultimately. Providing their name and title or a very brief summary of what they are responsible for will help to effectively direct calls, and lose less leads.
  • Respond in a timely manner: In today’s fast-paced world, people seek instant gratification. It is fair for these couples to expect a response within 24 hours – reach back to them sooner rather than later, at the very least thanking them for their inquiry and setting a time to follow up with a more in-depth conversation or more information.