» Avoiding Review Woes!

Generating reviews is a very valuable small business tool for gaining word of mouth notoriety by sharing personal accounts for the quality of your work and raising awareness for your local business. Also, reviews serve as a helpful tool to the public, and allow for the best business matches to be made for clients and vendors.

We understand that this platform can be seen as an open tool, which can sometimes draw in less than perfect reviews and individual’s unique perceptions of situations.

In addition to WeddingWire’s protection for the validity of claims, there are several key ways to manage your review sites, and work to build a strong, well-balanced review portfolio—ultimately leading to more storefront activity and exposure to potential clients!

Keep up-to-date with your reviews. The best way to stay on top of your reviews is to be aware of all the comments that are being associated with your business. Regularly log in to your WeddingWire account, and be sure to review your recent activities. If you have any reviews from clients that you never had a contract with, flag the review for our team to follow up. Don’t stress if you receive a less than perfect review, not all reviews can always be perfect! Having a large amount of reviews typically generates better activity for your account, and engaged couples appreciate reading a variety of responses and experiences. Also, reviews are great feedback tools for your business.  If you have consistent compliments or complaints about one aspect of your business, you can identify areas of particular strength that resonate with your clients, or areas of  improvement that can help improve your business.

Review your options. When you come upon a negative review, take a moment to consider what is really prompting it. Weigh each complaint equally and look for an opportunity to resolve the issue.

Decide your response. Decide if you would like to respond to the reviewee, and the best way to address them. Clients like to feel that their questions and feedback is vindicated, so if appropriate you can acknowledge their feedback. If you would like to resolve any issue, it is best to take the conversation off line, and follow up via phone or email. If you did not do business with the client, flag the review to the WeddingWire team, and we will work to resolve the issue, and  will consequently remove any invalid reviews.

Generate more reviews. The best way to improve your rating (and combat those negative reviews) is to get more reviews. Reach out to previous clients, and let them know you would really appreciate their feedback. After account log in, visit your My Reviews tab, and you can quickly send out emails to your clients to request their reviews.

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