» Add Pricing Information to Your WeddingWire Storefront

If you’re a Ceremony and Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Venue, Caterer or Photographer you may have noticed new pricing-related questions within the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account.

Add Pricing Information to Your WeddingWire StorefrontThe answers to these basic pricing questions will display on your Storefront and provide important information to engaged couples evaluating your business. We’ve implemented this addition after our researched showed that 88% of WeddingWire couples want to see pricing information before they reach out to a vendor. After months of collecting feedback from industry professionals and vendors across all service categories, we are excited to start sharing this important information on WeddingWire.

Many wedding professionals already provide general pricing information on their business website to set better expectations with consumers, ultimately allowing them pre-qualify their inquiries and focus on prospective clients who are serious about booking their vendors.

Pricing questions are customized for each service category and currently apply only to venues, rehearsal dinner venues, caterers and photographers; however, we will gradually introduce custom FAQ and pricing updates for all categories over the coming months.

Be sure to check out Alan Berg’s tips for handling pricing questions with potential clients, including:

  • Tell the client why you charge what you charge, not just what you charge. We offer you the ability to upload a PDF in addition to answering generally pricing questions. This will help your business better qualify what you offer and share different packages available.
  • Leverage online reviews to let past clients do the selling for you. We already took care of this one for you! Since the information will show on your Storefront where couples are also able to easily view your past client reviews.

  • Focus less on “selling” and more on helping the client through the buying process. By sharing general pricing information, couples will have a better expectation of your cost and will be more ready to start discussing what they’d like and how they can customize your offering for their special day.
  • Don’t negotiate against yourself – name your price and stick to it. While you always have the flexibility to edit your answers, don’t stress too much about pleasing every potential client. Once you share your pricing, you will receive better qualified inquiries that will ultimately lead to more bookings for your business.

We’re excited to help your business better connect with your potential clients who are visiting WeddingWire looking for their perfect wedding team. We recommend you complete these pricing questions as soon as you can so that the answers are available for couples searching for information about your business!

As always, we’ll keep you posted as we continue to add new features to the site. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback in the comments below or via this form.