» 5 Ways to Take Time for You

5 Ways to Take Time for YouAll month long we’ve been shining a light on wedding planning stress – for both couples and our pros. As we head into the summer months, more and more of your weekends are going to be busy with weddings and all the preparation that comes along with the busy season, so we’re here to help keep you cool, calm, and collected.

We just celebrated WeddingWire’s Official Day Without Planning for our couples, but since we know you can’t always take a full day off from your busy schedule, here are five ways to take time for you!

Hit the gym

Even if exercise is already part of your normal routine, it’s important to balance your mental exertion with physical exertion. Break a sweat running on the treadmill, meditating in hot yoga, or taking a long walk before or after work. If you spend a lot of your day on your feet already, try another activity like swimming or cycling to work different muscles and break the monotony.

Head to the spa

What better way to blow off some steam than some R&R? Whether you go in for a quick manicure/pedicure (men can enjoy those, too!) or schedule yourself a massage to loosen up the knots in your back, spend some time focusing on yourself. Even a quick visit to the hot tub or steam room can help you relax and reflect on your personal life so you can hit the ‘reset’ button for a while!

Make a home-cooked meal

If you’re not the type who cooks every night, this may seem like an overwhelming suggestion – but getting lost in the process of cooking is exactly what your brain needs to mix it up after a long day. Try a new recipe or revisit an old favorite to bring back good memories. If you usually make your own home-cooked meals, get creative and put your own twist on a recipe you’ve tried before.

Plan a getaway

One of the best ways to reduce your stress levels during busy season is to plan a vacation to unplug for a bit. Even if you can’t escape during peak wedding season, planning a trip as a reward for getting through the season can be a great stress-reliever! Give yourself something to look forward to so you can stay focused when you need to be in the zone.

Treat yourself!

If you’re feeling stressed or over-worked, reward yourself for making it through certain tasks. Just finished replying to all the emails in your inbox? Treat yourself to a coffee or refreshing drink. Pulled off a hectic weekend with multiple weddings? Go to the mall and pick up that new outfit or gadget you’ve had your eye on. It doesn’t have to be expensive – pick something that’ll make you smile and make the rest of the day or week more enjoyable.

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