» Achieving Success through Appreciation, Reviews and Endorsements

Acheiving Success WebinarWebinar recap!

This month, as part of our monthly educational webinar series for premium members, WeddingWire Education Expert Andy Ebon shared his insights into the value of showing appreciation to the people in your life and business – from employees, to clients, to other Pros.

Plus, great Reviews and Pro Endorsements are more likely to happen for people who not only do their job well, but are helpful and approachable, so sharing and showing appreciation can go a long way in building your reputation!

Here are nine simple ways you can show appreciation, inspired by a recent Inc. article:

  1. Write it by hand: An electronic thank you is fine, but if you take time to write the perfect message of appreciation, why not consider writing it by hand? A note shows you really took the time to say thank you and is always a fun surprise!
  2. Offer small gestures: A small gesture requires little additional effort for you, but removes a burden for a colleague or client, and makes their day a bit better. It also shows you know they are working hard. A small gesture can be as simple as bringing them a cup of coffee or offering to take an item of their to-do list, and can make a big impact.
  3. Acknowledge an absence: If you are going to be out of town or wrapped up in events, make sure you are up front with your clients and potential clients about any changes to your normal schedule, so they understand if you take a bit more time to get back to them. Also, try to set an expectation on when they may hear from you, or who they can contact with immediate needs.
  4. Give back: If another Pro takes the time to write you an Endorsement or recommend you to a client of theirs – say thank you and return the favor if you can. Write them an Endorsement as well, send them a note, give them a call, or keep them in mind for any future client needs. If a client takes the time to write you a Review, respond to the review and the client to show your gratitude for their time and acknowledge the personal impact it will make on your business by those who read it in the future.
  5. Offer public praise: It feels good to be told, “You did a great job!” and public praise is even more appreciated. You can offer praise to your co-workers, employees, or even clients and other Pros. Post on social media to say how incredible their wedding was! Or, give a shout out about how talented another wedding Pro that you worked with is at their job. Genuine compliments and praise pay off – from helping create new connections to simply making others around you happy!
  6. Clean it up: Taking time to keep your office, work and event space orderly has an impact on the event, your team, and your clients overall experience. While staying organized can be overlooked on busy days, making an effort to clean up after yourself every day will make an impact and be noticed. If you are messy or expect others to tidy up your messes, it will also be noticed and make you seem sloppy.
  7. Give an occasional do-over: Everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t write off a great employee for one bad event or review, or a great Pro or colleague for one mistake or bad day. Everyone deserves to be given a break from time to time in our busy industry, but be sure to set expectations for the future, then forgive and move on. By giving forgiveness and instilling your confidence in them, they will respect you more and work hard to not disappoint again.
  8. Celebrate the milestones: When it comes to your professional life, don’t forget to celebrate the important milestones, too! Together as a company, it is great to celebrate each great review, event, company birthday etc. Whether it’s a quick shout out at a meeting or a special treat or gathering, it is appreciated. And of course, don’t forget to congratulate your clients on their new life together after their big day!
  9. Leave a small gift: A small, inexpensive gift can go a long way to say ‘thank you.’’ A small gesture can make a big difference and will show you appreciate them. Reviews, Endorsements, thank you notes, and even constructive feedback sessions are great examples of small but impactful gifts to show appreciation and help better businesses.

For more details, be sure to watch the full webinar!

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