» Print Ads – Dead or Alive?

The New York Times recently asked the question, are people really still investing in print advertising? If so, is it just out of habit or are you really getting a return? In this article, a furniture store owner shares his experience with advertising in print versus online. With the invention of the internet and SEO, he notes “it was apparent that Google was far more efficient and effective” after spending much more to be featured in a print campaign than online and receiving marginal profits he no longer runs promotions in any print materials.

A major drawback to print advertising for the author was that the opportunity for repeat business is limited. Similar to the wedding industry, how many times is someone going to get married? Instead, he replaced the traditional print ad with a well designed website and start using Google Adwords, resulting in a “higher spend but much higher yield.” One major benefit of online advertising is the ability to target your customer more directly on a local basis.

While some have some note print ads still work for their business, typically nationally known brands (and those with a much higher advertising budget) perform better. It seems with the evolution of social media, it is best to invest your time and energy online while being sure to build and manage your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

What have you experienced? Do you think it differs for those in the wedding industry? Let us know your thoughts and experiences below!