» 10 Trending Social Media Sites

Technology drives our world, and social media has quickly become a center of many people’s daily lives and is evolving at a very rapid pace. It is hard to stay on top of what’s trending with social media, from the top sites you should be on for your business, and sites to watch. This infographic keeps you up to speed on the trending social media sites you need to know about!


» The Social Media Revolution

How much time during your day would you say you spend on social media? Five minutes on your metro ride to work? 15 minutes during your lunch break? Or do you seem to be on some type of social media network all day? Working at a techonology company, I know I usually have my Facebook account open all day (and connect with clients online) and seem to search YouTube at least once a day.  According to a recent article on Slashgear.com, Americans spend over 2 billion hours on social media per month!

Clearly, social media has a definite impact on our daily lives — from catching up with friends and sharing recent updates and photos, to forming new relationships, promoting certain brands and companies, and sharing updates from our own businesses!

For some amazing statistics and insights into how we use social media and the internet, check out this installment from a social media video series, the Social Media Revolution: Social Media in 2013.

Here are just a few social media and tech highlights:

  • Social media has become the #1 activity on the web
  • There are over 1 billion Facebook users (making it the third largest country in the world!)
  • Each day 20% of Google searches have never been searched before
  • 1 in 5 couples meet online
  • Every second, two new members join LinkedIn
  • Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube

Check out the full video, below! What are your favorite stats or what do you find most surprising?

» Create a YouTube Business Account

Did you know people watch 4 billion videos per day on YouTube? It is officially the #2 search engine in the U.S. (after Google), and gets more traffic than Facebook!

YouTube is a great platform to showcase your services in a unique way, and increase your online exposure to connect with more clients (for free!). To get started, simply create your own branded channel on YouTube. Ready to get started? Follow the simple steps below, and set up your YouTube Business page.

Step 1: To get started creating a channel for your business, you’ll need to have a Google account. We suggest using a non-personal Google Account to be linked to your channel. If you don’t have a separate Google account for your business, we suggest creating one, and not using a personal gmail address. Fill in all the appropriate information, as it pertains to your business, and click ‘Create.’ You can also create your account by visiting YouTube.com, and clicking ‘Sign In.’ Next, in the top right corner, select ‘Create an Account.’

Step 2: Choose a name for your channel, which will be the name users see when visiting your channel. To create your channel, click on your account name in the upper right hand corner and then select ‘Channel’ in the menu to get started. From here, you will be able to create a username for your YouTube account and start your channel. We recommend using your business name so it appears in search. If it is taken, try for a slight variation—for example you could include your location.

Step 3: Customize your account. You are able to change the background image and layout of your page, so personalize these for your business by including your logo and a favorite photo showing off your best work.

Step 4: Be sure to include your other social media accounts on your YouTube page, including Facebook, Twitter and more. Easily integrate your accounts onto your YouTube business channel to share your other online presence with potential clients, and further improve your SEO.

Step 5: Add videos to your channel! Click the ‘Upload’ link to the right of the search box to start uploading. Be sure to add a good title and description, be sure to tag your videos with relevant keywords to help increase your exposure across the web. Get started by uploading the videos you created with the WeddingWire Video Builder, your past work, and even client video testimonials.

Congrats—you have created a YouTube channel, and established a video presence to expand your business’ reach!

» The Power of You-Twit-Face

Did you know that Facebook is the world’s largest country? Or that Lady Gaga has more Twitter followers than the population of Sweden? Social media has fundamentally changed the way customers discover new businesses, especially YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (or better known as You-Twit-Face). These social sites give you the unique ability to reach and interact with customers in a way that was never possible before. Not only can you connect with potential clients in real-time, you can humanize your brand and show your personality. Focus on You-Twit-Face and you will see a positive impact on your business.

Why YouTube?
People watch 2 billion videos each day and upload 24 hours of video every minute to YouTube. In addition, it’s is the #2 search engine! So it’s easy to see that YouTube is great platform to showcase your services as a way to increase your online exposure and attract new clients.

Why Twitter?
Twitter has seen exponential growth in the past 2 years with over 200 million users. The site allows you to monitor what others have to say about your business, your competitors, the wedding industry, and more. In addition, you can easily connect with potential and past clients, as well as other local Wedding Pros, through Twitter and communicate with them in real-time.

Why Facebook?
Facebook has become the #1 largest social network in a short period of time. It has so many registered users that it’s technically the world’s largest country! The top demographic is women age 18–34, which is the exact audience you are trying to target in your marketing outreach. If that hasn’t convinced you, keep in mind that the average user spends 7 hours per month on Facebook.


To see the full article and hear our recommendations on how to take advantage of You-Twit-Face, visit the Education Center.

» Promote Yourself

It’s easy to forget when speaking with a new potential client to tell them all the great ways they can find more information and engage with your business. Here are five simple places to cross-promote your social media efforts and build a relationship with brides in a whole new way!

1. Your Blog – add commonly used Follow buttons to your blog so your readers can easily stumble upon your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

2. Your About Us Page – this just makes sense! The About Us Page is where people come to learn more about your company, link visitors to your social media so they get the full picture.

3. Your Email – its easy to add a signature to the bottom of your email with links to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be surprised how many new fans and followers you get!

4. Other Social Media Accounts – if someone is already your Facebook fan, make it easy for them to follow you on Twitter or check out your blog, YouTube page, or WeddingWire Storefront. Just add a simple shortened link using our URL shorterner, Wedli.

5. Print Materials – whether its materials you give clients who come into your store or giveaways at a bridal show, make sure to include quick links to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and any other social media. You could even use your custom QR code available within your WeddingWire account to make it easy for potential customers!

Click here for the full article to learn more. What has been the most successful way your business has cross promoted?

» 6 Tips on Tagging Videos on YouTube

Tagging your YouTube videos with the appropriate keywords is an important part of ensuring you will get viewers, and get the right viewers to your content. Here are 6 quick tips to keep in mind as you upload your videos:

1. Use It or Lose It – the tags are there for a reason, make sure you use as many relevant keywords to drive traffic to your videos

2. Put Yourself in the Viewers Shoes – thinking like someone searching for a video on YouTube, what would you want them to search for to get to your video? Make sure to tag those keywords and phrases

3. Quotes Can Help – using quotes in searches allow you to group words and get more specific search results, the same goes for tagging. For example, you might tag wedding and dresses separately but make sure to also tag “wedding dresses” in quotes. Then anyone searching specifically for wedding dresses, not just dresses and not just weddings, will be directed to your video.

4. Check Auto Complete – YouTube and Google have incorporated auto complete into their search bar. Type some of your keywords in to get an idea of other potential keywords to use.

5. Be Honest – tag only keywords and phrases that actually describe your video. Don’t try to cheat the system by tagging other searches you think might be more popular. Remember you want quality views, and Google will figure out if your video is misleading if you have a lot of viewers jump off or a low rating. It’s not worth it.

6. Revisit Old Tags – periodically look back at your old videos and give them a quick face-lift. Videos from a year or even a few months ago may have outdated tags, make sure to adapt your tags with the times.

For more, click here to see the full video on YouTube.

» HOW TO: Edit Your Videos on YouTube

Utilizing video capability on YouTube should be a part of your marketing efforts. Whether client testimonials, videos from past event, or a personal introduction to potential clients, you can use YouTube to further market your business.

YouTube makes it easy to edit your videos online, even without any experience. Easily add effects, transitions, crop your videos on your timeline, and even add songs to the video from the approved selection in their library.

Click here to get started with YouTube Editor. How have you incorporated videos into your website or blog?

» Top 10 Places to Surf

Last week WeddingWire’s CEO, Timothy Chi, and CMO, Sonny Ganguly, joined many of you at the 5th annual Wedding MBA convention and presented on the best ways to reach today’s wired bride.You might remember them best as “Harold and Kumar”! So many of you asked to have “Sonny’s Top 10 Places to Surf ” that we thought we would just share with everyone:

1. MySpace – 71,486,821
• Build a profile for your business
• Browse through your network and connect
2. Facebook – 42,777,397
• Create a fan page for your business
• Build a wedding group or participate
3. Ning – 3,757,563
• Build your personal niche social network
4. WordPress – 134,875,738
• Create your blog and build incoming links
• Participate and comment on wedding blogs
5. Twitter – 1,723,476
• Create a following with your micro-blog
6. YouTube – 73,537,222
• Showcase your business with video content
7. Flickr – 22,511,915
• Create online photo albums and tag your pics
8. Digg – 21,632,429
• Build incoming links to the content on your site
9. Upcoming.Yahoo.com – 3,419,626
• Broadcast your events and the places you will be
10. Answers.Yahoo.com – 23,386,964
• Share your expert knowledge with brides-to-be

Share which of these you are currently using and feel free to post links to your pages with your comments!