» Instagram Launches Video!

Have you heard? Yesterday, Instagram, a favorite photo sharing app, launched an exciting update that has the tech world buzzing: the ability to share videos.

Now, when you take a photo on Instagram, you will see a movie camera icon. Tap the icon to enter video mode, and take up to 15 seconds of video to share with your followers. Additionally, you are able to chose from 13 filters to give the video the signature Instagram touch. You also have the ability to edit by screen, which is something top video sharing competitor, Vine, does not currently offer.

Check out this video from Instagram to show video sharing in action, and learn how to get started!

This update is one of a few recent big expansions and updates to the app, including the ability to add user tags, and a web presence beyond mobile and tablets. Instagram is owned by leading social media site Facebook, and this recent update is a huge step in taking over video sharing traffic from the app Vine, owned by competiting social site, Twitter.

What do you think? Will you be sharing videos on your account to show off your recent events, a peek inside your day, or favorite inspirations?

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» Tech Update: Getting Started on Twitter Vine

Recently, Twitter introduced Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Each video can only be up to 6 seconds, which is consistent with Twitter’s brevity of messages that must be 140 characters or less for impact.

Vine is a great creative outlet to capture sound and motion to represent your business and engage with your audiences! Brands, individuals and organizations have been experimenting with Vine over the past two months, and when posted, Vine videos are directly embedded in tweets and will appear on follower’s streams, whether or not they are using the application. Videos automatically play, but sound is recorded, but turned off by default – something to keep in mind as you plan your first video.

Consider creating a Vine account for your business!  Currently, Vine is available exclusively on Apple iOS mobile devices, and can be downloaded for free in the iTunes store. After downloading the app, you can sign in using your Twitter account or sign up using email address. If you have Twitter, we recommend signing in with this as it will easily integrate with your account and followers!

Create your business profile by setting your Vine profile name and description, adding your contact information, and get started growing your audience by connecting with Twitter and Facebook, and finding other friends on Vine to follow. Additionally, Vine provides a step-by-step tutorial for all newbies to get started making your first video.

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Ready to create your first video? Here are some top tips for getting started!

  • Select the video camera icon at the top left-hand corner of the homescreen.
  • Take a short video, or several photos to combine together to make your video montage by holding your finger down on your phone or iPad screen to “tape” your video. Easily start and stop recording as many times as you want during your 6 seconds to include several scenes by holding or removing your finger.
  • Share your video! Give it a title, select to share on Vine, Twitter, Facebook or all three networks.
  • We recommend using one or two hashtags in your video description so it will be able to be found when users are searching in the “Explore” tab, such as #firstdance or #wedding.

While still new, Vine is a fun tool to easily engage your audience with video content and is a great way to showcase your work, business personality and creativity. Have you used Vine? Let us know what you think!