» Updates to Your WeddingWire Account: July

Yesterday, we rolled out some exciting new additions and improvements to your WeddingWire account. Updates include enabling new ways to help you get more leads, how to better track your leads, improvements for customizing your event types, and personalizing your client response emails — all designed to help deliver your business more success.

Check out the highlights below!

Lead trackingIntroducing lead tracking

Use the new easy-to-read Leads tab in your account Analytics to see the leads you’re generating from WeddingWire. Plus, find out what traffic sources (desktop vs. mobile) perform best for your account. See my leads »

Custom event types

Need to send an invoice or a questionnaire for non-wedding events? Based on your feedback, we’ve added a new open-ended text field into our Client Management system so that you can customize the event type to keep you organized and personalize contracts for all of your clients. Update my events »

New email template features

Update your Client Response Email Template using the new attachment feature to provide your clients with the information they need. Add up to five attachments, such as pricing information, floor plans or brochures, plus, you can also customize your email signature to keep your branding on point. Get started »

New features for couples

We’ve add new features to give couples the best experience finding their perfect vendor team, including an updated FAQ layout to help users quickly digest your business information, a new Recommendation Module after they submit a lead, a ‘Pin It’ button  on all Storefront photos, as well as the photo and video count to your respective Storefront tabs.

Questions? Review the Support Center for more information about your WeddingWire Analytics and how to read your Leads Analytics, or email support@weddingwire.com any time.

» Understanding How SCOTUS Will Rule on Same-Sex Marriage

This post was written by WeddingWire Education Expert Kathryn Hamm, Publisher of GayWeddings.com, the leading online resource dedicated to serving same-sex couples since 1999. Kathryn is also co-author of the groundbreaking book, The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography. Follow her on Twitter @madebykathryn.

From the early, isolated efforts of same-sex couples to attain a marriage license in the late 20th century to the coordinated efforts of engaged couples and advocacy groups over the past 10 years, we now await what may be a monumental ruling on same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

In mid-April, the Supreme Court justices heard four cases which ultimately set the stage for two primary questions regarding legal marriage. Those are: 1. Does the US Constitution require states to perform marriages; and 2. Does the US Constitution require states to recognize marriages performed in other states.

Lambda Legal infographic

Click through for full Infographic by Lambda Legal

Lambda Legal, an organization representing the LGBTQ community, put forth this fabulous infographic outlining what we might expect with a Yes or a No on either or both questions.

Experts suggest that we are likely to have the decision handed down on June 29th or 30th, just prior to the Justices departure for the summer break. The end of the term is typically when the most controversial decisions are announced and this year, with the decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act also expected, will be no exception. It is, of course, possible that the decision could be handed down sooner and as early as Monday, June 22nd. In either case, you’ll hear from us as soon as there is news.

How the court will rule is anyone’s guess, but some believe that Chief Justice Roberts will side with the majority opinion, resulting in a 6-3 decision. And many feel optimistic that, based on the hearing as well as the cases, consequences and favorable public opinion, that the majority will find in favor of marriage equality. The question will be whether same-sex couples have the right to marry in any state or the opportunity to have their marriages recognized in any state (leaving some wiggle room for individual states to work out their own policies – for now).

The WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com team will continue to watch for the decision and will explain in short order what the ruling means so that we might help the engaged couples, yet-to-be engaged couples, and wedding professionals understand what their options and responsibilities are.

Meanwhile, we’ll remain steadfast in our support of marriage equality via our long-standing #WedWeCan campaign and invite you to show your support for marriage equality by sharing your images of love with the hashtag #WedWeCan.

» Introducing the WedInsights Series


Introducing the WedInsights SeriesWe’re proud to introduce WedInsights, a new publication designed to provide wedding professionals with actionable consumer and business insights.

WedInsights is a free monthly series that will allow wedding and event professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest wedding industry findings and new client data. Each month we’ll provide you with a new issue aimed at providing relevant and insightful data around important topics for businesses in the wedding industry, including:

  • The importance of a mobile presence
  • The couples’ wedding planning journey
  • Capturing and converting more leads
  • …and more!

Each publication will provide a holistic view of the topic from both the consumer and vendor perspective. We’ll provide relevant behavioral data, quotes and testimonials from real consumers, and peer-to-peer insights to help you understand how to use the information provided to help your business.

Our inaugural issue focuses on Reviews and details how reviews have become instrumental to every wedding business’s success. Download the free WedInsight Reviews report here and keep an eye out for new topics each month!

» Updates to Your WeddingWire Analytics Reporting

Updates to Your WeddingWire Analytics ReportingWe’re excited to announce that as of May 1, 2015 your WeddingWire Storefront traffic in your account Analytics is reported through Google data services and displays Storefront Visits in place of Storefront Clicks.

In order to provide more in-depth Analytics information, we transitioned to Google data services. Google Analytics is regarded as the industry standard for traffic reporting, and we want to provide a consistent experience when reporting your Storefront traffic.

Here’s the breakdown of the new metrics you’ll need to understand and how the data points differ:

  • Unique Visits: A unique visit consists of the activity of a single user on your Storefront. A unique visit ends when a user is inactive for more than 30 minutes. Unique Visits do not reflect how many times someone clicks on tabs and links within your Storefront or how often a single user returns to your Storefront during the visit.
  • Storefront Visits: Cumulative monthly unique visits to your WeddingWire Storefront compared to the median number of visits to other Storefronts in your region and service category.

In reporting Storefront Visits instead of Clicks, you now have a more transparent view into the number of unique visitors viewing your Storefront each month. This update – based on feedback from our members – will give you access to enriched Analytics and set the foundation for future Storefront data improvements.

It’s important to note that your Website Click and Review data within Analytics will remain upunchanged during this update! While we have updated some functionality over the past year, our goal is to continue to surface more information to you in future versions. If you have any feedback or improvement requests based on these updates, please complete this form.

WeddingWire Analytics, along with guaranteed directory placement, is only available to premium WeddingWire members. Learn more about upgrading at vendors.weddingwire.com or get started by contacting us at sales@weddingwire.com.

» WeddingWire Purchases World’s Most Famous Landmarks for Photos

WeddingWire Purchases World’s Most Famous Landmarks for PhotosWe’re excited to announce today that WeddingWire couples may now browse, read reviews and book one of six of the most famous photo landmarks in the world for their engagement or wedding day photos!

Our recent acquisition of Wedding Planner, SL, operator of Bodas.net and 11 other international marketplaces, helped WeddingWire grow globally to reach more engaged couples. As a symbol of WeddingWire’s growing presence around the world, the purchase of these landmarks gives couples the perfect backdrop to capture their big day.

These new purchased landmarks include The Golden Gate Bridge, The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, The Statue of Liberty, Machu Picchu and The Colosseum. Effectively immediately, couples will be able to browse images of the world’s greatest landmarks and book their favorite at global.weddingwire.com/landmarks. Couples can also read reviews of other couples’ photo-taking experiences at those landmarks.

We’re committed to connecting all couples to the assets, resources and vendors they need to bring their unique wedding vision to life, and these purchases are our way of making a mark in the lives of couples around the world.

For more information on WeddingWire’s newest offering, visit https://global.weddingwire.com/landmarks.

» Make Pricing Information Available on Your WeddingWire Storefront

Florists, Videographers, Bands, DJs, Wedding Planners, Ceremony Musicians/Bands, Officiants, Beauty & Health professionals or Lighting & Decor businesses may notice new pricing-related questions within the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account.

Make Pricing Information Available on Your WeddingWire StorefrontThe answers to these basic pricing questions will display on your Storefront and provide important information to engaged couples evaluating your business. Many wedding professionals already provide general pricing information on their business website to set better expectations with consumers, ultimately allowing them to pre-qualify their inquiries and focus on prospective clients who are serious about booking their business.

As you add your pricing information, be sure to check out Alan Berg’s tips for handling pricing questions with potential clients, including:

  • Shift the conversation to focus on your service quality. Couples who ask about price don’t necessarily think price is more important than quality. They’re buying something they’ve never bought before, so use pricing questions as a starting point for a deeper conversation.
  • Make it clear that you’re on their side. Explain that you don’t want them to pay any more than they have to in order to get everything they want. Sharing general pricing information ahead of time means that couples will have a better expectation of your cost and will be more ready to start discussing how they can customize their plan.

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» Add Pricing Information to Your WeddingWire Storefront

If you’re a Ceremony and Reception Venue, Rehearsal Dinner Venue, Caterer or Photographer you may have noticed new pricing-related questions within the FAQ section of your WeddingWire account.

Add Pricing Information to Your WeddingWire StorefrontThe answers to these basic pricing questions will display on your Storefront and provide important information to engaged couples evaluating your business. We’ve implemented this addition after our researched showed that 88% of WeddingWire couples want to see pricing information before they reach out to a vendor. After months of collecting feedback from industry professionals and vendors across all service categories, we are excited to start sharing this important information on WeddingWire.

Many wedding professionals already provide general pricing information on their business website to set better expectations with consumers, ultimately allowing them pre-qualify their inquiries and focus on prospective clients who are serious about booking their vendors.

Pricing questions are customized for each service category and currently apply only to venues, rehearsal dinner venues, caterers and photographers; however, we will gradually introduce custom FAQ and pricing updates for all categories over the coming months.

Be sure to check out Alan Berg’s tips for handling pricing questions with potential clients, including:

  • Tell the client why you charge what you charge, not just what you charge. We offer you the ability to upload a PDF in addition to answering generally pricing questions. This will help your business better qualify what you offer and share different packages available.
  • Leverage online reviews to let past clients do the selling for you. We already took care of this one for you! Since the information will show on your Storefront where couples are also able to easily view your past client reviews.

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» Give Your Storefront a Facelift

Update your look on your WeddingWire Storefront with different Themes. It’s easy for you to select a new theme to match your main image and brand. Just log in to your WeddingWire account, click on the Storefront tab, and click “Change Theme.” You’ll see a variety of options and font colors to choose from!

For more ways to update your profile, check out this post on HOW TO: Update Your Main Image.

» WeddingWire Update: Email Preferences

As we spring forward, we have a quick update from WeddingWire headquarters.  One of our main goals is to continue to effectively communicate with you to make sure you are up-to-date on all that’s happening at WeddingWire. In order to ensure you receive any news and/or updates, we will now be sending all email communication to the email address that you use to manage your user account on WeddingWire. This way everyone will be up-to-date!

If you would like to update or change your WeddingWire account email address, please follow these steps:

1)      Login in to your WeddingWire account

2)      Click on My Account in the top right corner

3)      Select Employees

4)      Click on Manage to the right of your name

5)      Update your email address

6)      Remember to hit save!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team via support@weddingwire.com.  We look forward to continuing to grow together in the coming year!