» Announcing the 2015 Newlywed Report


Announcing the 2015 Newlywed ReportWeddingWire is excited to release our 2015 Newlywed Report, our largest analysis of newlyweds to date!

Based on a comprehensive survey of 6,000 WeddingWire couples, the report details statistics and trends across the entire wedding planning process from pre-engagement to the big day itself. Uniquely, the Newlywed Report crosses over the traditional wedding boundaries and includes data from same-sex weddings, as well as, second (plus) weddings.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • Average number of wedding guests: 120
  • Average spend on engagement ring: $4,758
  • Average wedding ceremony/reception cost: $28,958
  • Average spend on honeymoon: $3,882

Flip through the Newlywed Report today to get more insight on the use of technology throughout the planning process, spending habits, influences, challenges, and more!

» 2013 WeddingWire Annnual Survey: Key Takeaways

In order to provide the best experience for our wedding and event professionals, we rely on feedback through ongoing surveys and conversations with our members. One of our biggest sources of feedback is our annual WeddingWire survey specifically focused on your business needs. Surveys like this help us learn what we’re doing well and how we can improve.

At the beginning of 2014, we sent the annual survey focused on 2013 to our entire membership and we thought you might be interested in the response!

WeddingWire's 2013 Annnual Survey: Key Takeaways

» Are You Too Busy to be Successful? A Look Back and a Look Forward

This article was written by WeddingWire Education Guru, Alan Berg. Alan has over 20 years experience in wedding related sales and marketing, and is a member of the National Speakers Association, an author, and founder of The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference, an organization dedicated to the educating and consulting of highly motivated individuals and businesses. Learn more at https://alanberg.com/.

Last year I did a survey to get an idea how you’re all faring as the economy recovers. The good news out of the survey was that, at least at the beginning of the year, most of you felt your 2013 was going to be better than 2012, or even your best year ever. That was very encouraging news after quite a few years of, what felt like, a black cloud hanging over all of us.

The beauty of the wedding industry is that it’s recession-resistant. It’s not recession-proof, as many of us discovered. Even in the depths of a recession couples are still getting married, but things change. However, I’ve been in and around this industry for over 23 years, through many good times and many bad. What I’ve found is that, despite the economy, there are always those who find a way to survive, and even thrive, in any economy.

Are You Too Busy to be Successful?How’s business?

I remember meeting a wedding pro on a flight to Las Vegas for a conference, back in 2009, the depths of the recession. We’d known each other for many years, way back to when I was publishing wedding magazines in New Jersey. I asked him “How’s business?” and he answered “Fantastic, and it scares me.” When I asked why it scared him, he said it was because he didn’t know why it was so good, while others around him were crying wolf.

Seize the opportunity

I told him that I had a pretty good idea why business was so good for him. He’s always been proactive and never afraid to invest in his business, good times or bad. He would take the highest visibility ad placements and best bridal show booth placement. While others were finding a rock to crawl under, waiting for the recession to pass, he was grabbing every opportunity to stand out. Fortunately for him, his competitors were literally giving him more business by pulling back on their marketing and placements. What do you do when things are looking bad? Do you pull back, or do you take the opportunity to grab market share, while it’s easy?

How do you define success?

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» The Changing Landscape of Same-Sex Wedding Planning

In October, we announced the results from our recent survey of same-sex weddings in 2012. The comprehensive survey asked members of the WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com communities to share the details of their recent wedding planning experience.

Survey results indicated same-sex couples are expanding the ways they plan their weddings, just as the mainstream market is embracing them. This infographic identifies some the key trends in same-sex wedding planning, so our LGBTQ-friendly Pros can be ready to embrace the growing same-sex community!

The Changing Landscape of Same-Sex Wedding Planning

» GayWeddings.com & WeddingWire Reveal Facts Behind Same-Sex Weddings

WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com - Network Partners

This week, GayWeddings.com and WeddingWire were excited to announce results from our recent survey of same-sex weddings in 2012.

The comprehensive survey asked members of the WeddingWire and GayWeddings.com communities to share the details of their recent wedding planning experience. Survey results indicated same-sex couples are expanding the ways they plan their weddings, just as the mainstream market is embracing them.

Check out some top findings from the survey:

  • Engagement is being signified by two rings: In the engagement phase, more than two-thirds of couples signified their engagement with two rings (one for each partner), rather than the traditional one ring for the female partner.
  •  Wedding essentials matter: Regardless of the legality of the union, 93 percent of couples budgeted for flowers and said venue, attire, catering and photography/videography are wedding day essentials.
  • Top planning resources: The top three planning resources for these couples were wedding websites such as WeddingWire.com, same-sex specific websites such as GayWeddings.com, and books or magazines. Additionally, 80 percent of couples reported that they preferred resources that were fully inclusive to all couples.
  • Smaller weddings are popular: Though same-sex weddings are growing in size, they remain smaller and more intimate relative to heterosexual weddings. Those same-sex couples surveyed reported an average of 80 guests compared to heterosexual couples who reported an average of 170 guests.
  • Language matters: Only 38 percent of couples described the marketing and client materials of their wedding professionals as fully inclusive. The large majority of couples indicated that inclusive language in these materials was very or somewhat important to them when selecting a professional.
  • Honeymoons happen: Post-wedding, more than 80 percent of couples went on a planned honeymoon, which comes close to the 86 percent of heterosexual couples who went on a honeymoon.

These new findings and statistics are important for LGBTQ-friendly wedding professionals as you embrace all kinds of loving couples, and the growing community of same-sex couples tying the knot this year and in the near future! For more information, read the full press release here.

Want to learn more about serving same-sex couples or how to share your support of marriage equality?

  • Opt into the GayWeddings.com directory to get found by same-sex couples planning their big day! Simply visit your WeddingWire Business Details page, select “LGBT Weddings/Ceremonies.” Click “Save,” and your business will be featured on GayWeddings.com.
  • Join the Wed We Can movement for up-to-date information and resources for both wedding professionals and couples planning their wedding, and be sure to share the love on social media.
  • Get expert tips on making your brand language and marketing materials more inclusive, from President of GayWeddings.com and Education Expert Kathryn Hamm.
  • Check out the recent article published on the Huffington Post by Kathryn Hamm, End of an Era, about the changing same-sex wedding niche over the past decade.

» We had a Great Time at JCK Las Vegas!

Last weekend, WeddingWire was thrilled to sponsor and participate in one of the leading jewelry events in North America — JCK Las Vegas This four day trade show provided jewelry industry professionals the opportunity to gather and discover the latest trends from sought-after domestic and international designers.

The event combined a number of networking events and education sessions with the industry’s broadest selection of finished jewelry, gems and timepieces!

Publisher, Pamela Quandt represented WeddingWire at the event where attendees had the chance to see results from WeddingWire’s most recent Jewelry Survey, as well as the opportunity to enter to win a trip for two to Mexico or the Dominican Republic, sponsored by AMResorts. Attendees received a name badge insert with all the necessary information to receive the jewelry survey results and to enter to win the trip!

You can check out WeddingWire’s Jewelry Survey 2013 infographic here and make sure to visit https://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-jewelry to discover tips and search to find the perfect wedding jewelry!

» Our 2nd Anniversary with GayWeddings.com!

At WeddingWire, we are excited to celebrate our second anniversary of our collaboration with the pioneering planning resource for same-sex couples, GayWeddings.com, giving vendors the opportunity to opt in or out of being listed on GayWeddings.com based on their preference.

In 2011, our companies formed a partnership to WW-GWprovide the most comprehensive database of LGBT-friendly wedding professionals. Two years later, we continue to expand the local vendor directory and reviews available on GayWeddings.com, which currently features over 50,000 LGBT-friendly vendors across the country. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership and provide LGBT-friendly wedding professionals with education and resources to stay informed about serving engaged, same-sex couples.

Recently, we conducted a survey to garner feedback on our partnership from the WeddingWire vendor community.

With over 400 respondents, please find below some top results:

  • 86% of respondents already offer their services to all couples or are planning to in the near future
  • Respondents served an average of 2.3 same-sex weddings in 2012
  • 78% of respondents expect the number of same-sex weddings they serve to increase in 2013

For more information about our two year anniversary with GayWeddings.com, review the full press release.

» Pro Feedback from the 2012 Annual Survey

At WeddingWire, one of our core values is to delight our customers and we take feedback from our members very seriously! Our team collects and shares feedback daily— from messages we receive on social media, to ideas and thoughts shared with our Account Managers and Customer Success teams, and even conversations at events. In addition, we like to proactively ask for your thoughts and feedback through surveys. We greatly appreciate your time and insight!

Firstly, a BIG thank you to the thousands of wonderful basic and premium WeddingWire members who took the time to complete our 2012 Annual Survey to share their thoughts and feedback. This information is an invaluable tool as we continue to provide the industry’s leading tools and technology.

We thought you might be curious to know what other Wedding Pros like you had to say! Here are some top 2012 Annual Survey takeaways:

  • The average WeddingWire member has been in the business 11 or more years
  • 2/3rds of premium members, with access to monthly educational webinars, said the information learned has had a direct positive impact to their business
  • Premium member’s favorite tools are the Review Collector and the Video Builder.

WeddingWire members also shared their thoughts on their WeddingWire account. We learned their favorite attributes include many of the pillars that we have built our business around, including:

  • The ability to collect and showcase reviews and endorsements – Collecting Reviews is the #1 way to build your online reputation and you should focus on the four main factors of effective reviews: Quantity, Quality, Recency and Consistency!
  • Business management tools available to premium members – Over the past year, we have introduced many new marketing and business management tools to effectively Power Your Business. Building additional tools, as well as continuing to improve existing ones, is a top priority for WeddingWire in 2013!
  • Qualified leads and website traffic are the most important factors in determining how to spend advertising dollars – The WeddingWire Network receives an average of 40 million monthly visits; continuing our historical trend of 100% year-over-year growth. With the leading sites in the industry, premium placement allows your business to reach more engaged couples who are searching for their perfect vendors.
  • Educational materials, monthly webinars and local networking events – We want you to succeed, which is why we spend our effort on creating educational opportunities and facilitating networking through events and online forums. We are committed to bringing you the resources your business needs through daily educational articles, monthly educational webinars for premium members and weekly networking events in cities throughout the US.
  • Easy to use user interface and account setup – It is our mission to help your business grow, and we are always working to update our product offering to ensure creating, navigating and using your account is as easy as possible.  Last year, we launched a re-designed account navigation, and conducted user testing sessions prior to new updates and tools.

Of course, there is always room for improvement! Here is some of the top feedback from our members on ways we can improve in the future:

  • Education about new WeddingWire tools. The great news is that we have started to conduct training sessions and educational how-to articles surrounding tool launches, and plan to continue to develop new programs and training opporunities in 2013!
  • More account support available would be helpful. Our Customer Success team is here to help – and quickly growing! These managers are great dedicated resources for premium members to learn the best way to get a return on investment, get advice and use the available marketing and business management tools.

We love to hear the feedback and information from our members, and enjoy learning from your needs and experiences. As a thank you, we held a prize drawing for all survey participants. Congratulations to the winner, Julie McCullough of Florida Beach Weddings by Julie, who received an iPad mini!

We look forward to continuing to grow and develop new ways to help your business succeed in the future!

» Congrats to Our Business Insight Survey Winner!

We are pleased to announce our most recent WeddingWire Pro winner: Stephen Cihanek of Stephen Cihanek Photography!

Congratulations to Stephen for winning a free Kindle Fire as the lucky winner from our giveaway as thank you for participation in our Business Insight survey, featured in the January WeddingWire Pros newsletter.

As the leading wedding technology company, we want to better understand your business needs! The Business Insight Survey was designed to address the following questions: What are the top areas where you need assistance? How do you convert your prospects to booked clients? How do you get photos of your work?

Thank you to all who participated; we appreciate your time and feedback!