» Networking for Wedding Pros: 4 Tips

As busy professionals, it can be hard to forge professional connections in addition to all the duties and responsibilities associated with your business! Especially for those individuals who may solely represent their wedding business, it’s hard to find the time to devote to networking.

Even though you’re a busy Pro, personal branding and networking can be big drivers of referral business. Networking for Wedding Pros doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking – try our tips!

Networking for Wedding Pros: 4 TipsGet to know people before you pitch them

One of the most off-putting parts of networking events is when another Pro homes in on you and starts pitching you about their business! Yes, one of the biggest benefits of networking is building connections with other wedding professionals to further your knowledge or identify opportunities for collaboration, but you shouldn’t walk in and start talking about yourself immediately. Spend time talking to other attendees and getting to know a little bit more about them first before you start wheeling and dealing!

Make a list of questions

If you’ve followed some of our previous tips and started the event with a goal in mind, you should make a list of potential questions you’d like to have answered. If you’re looking to further your knowledge or you’re seeking advice from other Pros, it’s important to come prepared with a few questions you’d like answered. At the very least, they’ll serve as talking points so you can get the conversations flowing easily. At most, you’ll leave the event wiser than when you walked in.

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» HOW TO: Refer a Pro

Have you worked with other Wedding Pros that might want to join the WeddingWire Network? We make it easy for you to send them a quick invitation, then you can connect through your WeddingWire Storefronts! Be sure to add them as a Pro You Know or give them an Endorsement after they join.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to your WeddingWire account

2. Visit https://www.weddingwire.com/vendor/VendorRefer

3. Enter the email address of the Wedding Pro you would like to invite

4. Include a personalized message

5. Click “Send Invites”


» HOW TO: Use WeddingWire to Network

Networking is important for any small business, but maybe even more so for professionals in the wedding industry. This is why WeddingWire wants to facilitate your ability to network with fellow Wedding Pros. Take advantage of the Pros I Know, Preferred Pros, Endorsements and Associations sections of your account to garner recognition from your colleagues and potentially more business in the future.

Just click on the My Network tab within your WeddingWire account to see the different ways you can connect with other local Wedding Pros and keep track of your network stats.

Pros I Know – Send or accept invitations to connect with other Wedding Pros you know or may have worked with in the past. You can easily navigate between your connections, those you sent invitations to, and those who you received invitations from. You will be automatically notified via email when you receive a new invitation request so you will know to log into your account to make new connections! Once you are connected, you can give and receive endorsements of each others business’. Easily search for other Wedding Pros using the search bar on the far right of your screen or look through the personalized suggestions from the Pros You May Know section.

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» Introducing Vendor to Vendor Chat

meebo3 WeddingWire has teamed up with Meebo, one of the largest social media companies on the web, to provide a new real-time vendor to vendor chat feature within your WeddingWire account. Now you can ask questions, get feedback, or simply communicate with vendors you know from anywhere across the country. Whether you are updating your Storefront or perusing the Vendor Education Center, the chat feature will be visible in the lower right hand corner of your account so that you can easily connect with other vendors.

Don’t see any buddies on your list? Simply connect with other vendors through the Vendors I Know tool, located in the “My Community” section.  Once the connection is approved by the other vendors, their names will show up on your buddy list.

The new Meebo feature also allows you to gather all of your friends on a single buddy list from within your WeddingWire account, so you can communicate in real-time across different IM platforms and social networks, including AIM, Twitter, and Facebook Chat.   All you have to do is log-in to your Meebo account from within the new vendor chat bar to access your accounts.  And if you don’t have a Meebo account, you can easily register for an account and then connect with your various IM and social network accounts straight from the new vendor chat bar.

Log-in to your WeddingWire account and check it out today!