» Pro Image Tips for Your WeddingWire Account

It is important to make a lasting impression with your WeddingWire main Storefront image!

Your Storefront image is the first visual piece of your WeddingWire account that potential clients see, so you want to make it as eye catching as possible. We compiled some top tips for a strong main image from our Customer Success Team’s experience, below!

Photo Credit: Main Line Wedding Photography

  • Use a real picture instead of your logo. This way, a client can see you in action or they can picture themselves in the picture. Real photos are proven to generate more interest than unfamiliar logos. Also, logos can also be hard to see or get cut off based on the dimensions.
  • Use an engaging, easy to see photo with bright colors to help your business pop out to searching engaged couples.
  • Use a 600 x 600 size picture, the dimensions that are provided in your account. Keeping these dimensions in mind will ensure your image fits and is not cut off.
  • Additionally, 72 dpi (dots per inch) works best for the main image, if you want to get specific, or if your image seems unclear.

To update your WeddingWire main image, log in to your account, navigate to the ‘Advertising’ tab, and select ‘Storefront.’ Then, get started uploading your new image.

Additionally, our team pulled together some main image ideas by service category for inspiration!

Suggestions for your main image based on your category

Bands and Ceremony Music:

  • A picture of your band or musical group performing at an event
  • A picture of the audience enjoying your music while your are performing

Beauty and Health:

  • Your client after you have done their makeup, hair, etc
  • You applying the makeup on your client or posing with them on their big day


  • A picture of a signature dish that is colorful, fresh and unique
  • A catering set-up in a beautiful venues or outdoors


  • Your venue set up for an extra-stunning event
  • A couple in front of your venue, or at a popular landmark on the property


  • The bride and groom dancing with their guests on a fun dancefloor
  • A couple’s first dance

 Dress & Attire:

  • A model in one of your most stunning dresses
  • A wedding party looking dapper in your exclusive attire

 Event Rentals and Photobooth:

  • Guests having fun in your photobooth, decked out in fun accessories
  • A pre-event shot of your event decor, lighting or a unique themed set-up

 Favors and Gifts:

  • The couples or a group of guests posing with your products
  • A favorite or trendy unique favor that will catch the eye of potential or searching clients


  • A colorful bouquet that reflects the season or favorite flowers
  • Your favorite arrangement, unique set up, or the happy couple posing by your flowers


  • One of your favorite invitations close up, or spread of different styles
  • A unique save the date

 Lighting and décor:

  • Up-lighting at a special event
  • The reception area table with décor


  • You with the couple during the ceremony

 Photography and Videography:

  • Show off your favorite photo or a still from a recent wedding
  • Fun shots or a stunning close-up with great colors and lighting makes a strong impression

 Wedding Cake:

  • An elaborate cake or shot of your favorite sweets
  • Fun shot of the couple cutting the cake at the wedding

 Wedding Planning:

  • A photo of a happy couple at a breath-taking ceremony or reception
  • The rings on display, for example on the heel of the high heel

Now is the fun part: picking a favorite photo to showoff your business! Remember, you want you picture to make an impression, so make sure it’s something that stands out and catches the eye. Changing your main image often is a good idea to keep your photo relevant, engaging and fresh to the season. Use these image tips to guide your decision!

» Choose a Stand-Out Main Image

What is the first thing that couples notice when reviewing the WeddingWire vendor catalog? Your business’ main image! It is extremely important that this image is clear, professional, and attention-grabbing. The main images that get clicked the most by engaged couples are real photos that are fun and joyful. Aspirational images that show a couple or a party celebrating are very engaging to potential clients – and can be applicable across categories. Couples like to see an image of what they envision for their big day and evoke feelings of love, celebration and happiness!

If you have a logo that you love, we encourage you to include it in your About Us section of your Storefront instead of showcasing it as your main image. Besides the fact that potential clients prefer real photos, there can also be sizing and formatting issues when you attempt to use a logo as your main image. With certain logo design dimensions, sometimes they will get cut off or distorted because of the size of the thumbnail in the catalog. Additionally, since the main image is a thumbnail, it is challenging to read text in a small window, which isn’t a positive experience for engaged couples reviewing their options for Wedding Pros in your category.

Once you select your main image, be sure to view your listing in the vendor catalog. That way, you will be able to view your image from the perspective of a potential client, and determine if you love your selected image or whether a different photo might be a better choice. Switching your image every few months is a fun way to keep your catalog updated, and you can select an image you love by season, and test out different images to see what generates the most leads to your business. Have fun with your Storefront!

» New Customization for your Storefront

Is your business listed on EventWire and GayWeddings.com? We have launched exciting new updates for these sites, allowing for further online exposure and customization for your business on the services you offer.

Check out the new EventWire updates for paying members:

Customize your main image for the EventWire network! Either upload a new image from your computer, or select your favorite image from your photo gallery to best represent your business.

Provide your business overview in the “About Us” section! Provide a description of your business and event services specifically for EventWire to highlight your expertise in the event space.

Set unique images for the EventWire microsites! Create unique, tailored images for each of EventWire’s microsites that you would like to be listed on—BirthdayWire, BabyShowerWire, MitzvahWire and PromWire. Simply create photo albums on the microsite of your choice, and the first photo from your album will be showcased at your main image on each specific site.

For step by step details on editing your main images, the About Us section and creating albums, click here.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to show off your best work but submitting photos of your real events to Eventwire, and you could be featured on BirthdayWire, BabyShowerWire, MitzvahWire and PromWire!

Customize Your Business on GayWeddings.com:

Take advantage of being found by thousands of same-sex couples through listing your business on WeddingWire’s network partner site, GayWeddings.com. Now, within your WeddingWire account you are able to update your profile image to create a same-sex inclusive main image specifically for the GayWeddings.com directory. So, if you have an image which features a same-sex couple or an image inclusive of all couples, you can now set it as your main profile image for your listing on GayWeddings.com within your account!

Interested in being listed on GayWeddings.com? Learn how to update your setting today.

For more information on how to tailor your message to be inclusive of same-sex couples, read the latest Pro Blog post by Kathryn Hamm, President of GayWeddings.com.

» HOW TO: Update Your Main Image

It is important to periodically update your WeddingWire Storefront. An easy way to do so is to rotate your main image and theme with the seasons so potential clients can see you are staying active. It’s an easy process, just follow the steps below! Keep in mind we recommend images that are 600 x 600 pixels and a .jpeg file.

1. Login to your account

2. Click on the My Storefront tab

3. Click “edit” under your current main image

4. Click the “Choose File” button and select your new image

5. Click “Open” and then “Upload Image”

That’s it! Be sure to select a picture that reflects your style and is attractive to brides and grooms. Your main image is a very important part of how you represent your business, and often your first impression! In the vendor search results many visitors will or won’t click on a particular vendor because they like or don’t like that main image. What is your favorite main image of?

» HOW TO: Update Your Main Image

Summer is here, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping (hopefully). It may be time to revisit your Storefront and do a little updating. One of the easiest and biggest changes you can make is your main image. The photo you choose to be your main image is like your first impression and can help you stand apart from your competition. It takes just a second to update and can help you get more clicks to your Storefront (and more business!) from potential clients.

Keep in mind:

  • Pick a vibrant image that will pop on the page
  • For best results use a .jpg or .jpeg file
  • Your image should be 600 x 600 pixels

Just follow these simple steps to update your image:

  1. Log in to your WeddingWire account
  2. Click on the My Storefront tab
  3. Click “Edit” under your current main image
  4. Click the “Browse” button and select your new image from your computer
  5. Click “OK” and then the “Upload Image” button

It’s always a good idea to use the Preview My Storefront feature to see how your business looks to engaged couples, but also remember to take a look at the search results on www.weddingwire.com for your service category and location. It helps to see what you look like stacked up against your competition!