» The Next Generation of Technology

At a recent Webinar on “Building Your Business on the Web,” Sonny Ganguly, our CMO, shared a great video demonstrating the ways that ever-evolving technology can impact our daily lives.

So how does this relate to you, you might ask? Technology is an amazing thing that is constantly affecting our lives.  The internet can be perceived in the same way.  New sites are surfacing each day that can help you take your business to the next level.  The key is to be open to the change and try to adapt new ways to generate interest in your business and extend your reach to more clients.

We also received some great questions from attendees that we want to share with you:

  • Where do you see social media moving in the future and what roles will Facebook and Twitter play?Google, Facebook, Twitter We believe that micro-blogging sites such as Twitter will continue to be popular because 1) they require less effort than a traditional blog and 2) content from these sites is becoming increasingly important to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) as they start to index posts for real time search results.  Another trend that we see is that many blogs are starting to aggregate their social media efforts into one place. WordPress and Blogger make it easy to add plug ins that pull in your facebook fan page or your recent tweets. As an example, take a look at our blog at blog.weddingwire.com to see how we integrated our social media efforts across different tabs. This trend is also the reason that we allow vendors to add social media tabs to their WeddingWire storefronts.
  • Is it crucial to have a fan page vs. a regular profile on facebook.com? How do I set up facebook  fan page? Your personal profile at Facebook is for you to connect with a smaller circle of your friends and family, and may include info you may not want to share with prospective clients or business partners. A fan page, on the other hand, is meant for all of the people who enjoy your services. It is specifically designed for businesses of all sizes, and is a great way to market your business. We have a great article in our education center on how to set up your fan page. Remember that setting up a page is only half the battle. You have to make sure to try and build your fan base over time. Some of the best ways to promote your new fan page are on your website and blog (Facebook provides an easy icon for this) or through your emails and newsletters. We are big fans of creating a fan page for your business!

» Social Networking Results Are In…

In today’s wired world, engaging in social media is a powerful way to help increase your brand awareness and reach potential clients.  Just take a look at the recent results of surveys conducted by Nielsen Online:

  • Over 67 percent of online users are engaging in “Member Communities”, which includes social networks and blogs, making it more popular than personal email.
  • Twitter continues as the fastest growing social networking site, growing in popularity as not only a means of communication between friends, but as an essential part of brand marketing.
  • While topping the charts for the number of unique visitors, Facebook also leads the way for stickiness, with the average user spending 3 hours and 16 minutes on the site. The average Twitter user sticks around for about 12 minutes.

Top 5 Social Networking Sites


It is evident in these results that social networking has become an essential part of today’s online experience.  At WeddingWire, we are committed to educating and connecting you with numerous social networks in order to extend your reach to today’s wired brides.

» Facebook hits 150 million users

Facebook reached a big milestone yesterday.  There are now 150 million people around the world actively using Facebook and almost half of them are using the site every day, according to a post on the official Facebook Blog yesterday.  Back in August 2008, the site hit 100 million active users, which means the number of active users has grown 50% in a matter of 4 months! And not to mention, the site is less than 5 years old.

What started off as a platform utilized mostly by college students, Facebook is now being used by people of all ages, including grandparents, parents, and children.  The site is also available in more than 35 different languages and 170 countries and territories.

As mentioned in a previous post, Facebook can be used as great online resource to help you reach today’s wired brides!

New to Facebook?  Set up your free account today and get started!

Do you have any predictions on how the site will continue to evolve in 2009?  Share them in the comments section!

» Top 10 Places to Surf

Last week WeddingWire’s CEO, Timothy Chi, and CMO, Sonny Ganguly, joined many of you at the 5th annual Wedding MBA convention and presented on the best ways to reach today’s wired bride.You might remember them best as “Harold and Kumar”! So many of you asked to have “Sonny’s Top 10 Places to Surf ” that we thought we would just share with everyone:

1. MySpace – 71,486,821
• Build a profile for your business
• Browse through your network and connect
2. Facebook – 42,777,397
• Create a fan page for your business
• Build a wedding group or participate
3. Ning – 3,757,563
• Build your personal niche social network
4. WordPress – 134,875,738
• Create your blog and build incoming links
• Participate and comment on wedding blogs
5. Twitter – 1,723,476
• Create a following with your micro-blog
6. YouTube – 73,537,222
• Showcase your business with video content
7. Flickr – 22,511,915
• Create online photo albums and tag your pics
8. Digg – 21,632,429
• Build incoming links to the content on your site
9. Upcoming.Yahoo.com – 3,419,626
• Broadcast your events and the places you will be
10. Answers.Yahoo.com – 23,386,964
• Share your expert knowledge with brides-to-be

Share which of these you are currently using and feel free to post links to your pages with your comments!