» Update your Website with WeddingWire Widgets!

Update Your Website with WeddingWire Widgets!It’s always important to make sure your website represents your business, but it’s especially important at this time of year! With spring and summer quickly approaching, your business is likely to be extremely busy with all sorts of weddings and events. While you’re spending all that time making sure your couples are happy, you may lose sight of your business’ WeddingWire Storefront and website. Even though it may not be your highest priority, your business’ website should be updated often to make sure it’s both aesthetically-pleasing and user-friendly.

We’ve created a gallery of Website Widgets to easily display important and relevant information on your Storefront or website. Below are three ways your business can incorporate WeddingWire Widgets into your website!

Use the Reviews Widget on your testimonial page

Do you currently have a testimonial page on your website? You can make it easier to display your client reviews by using our Reviews Widget! It will automatically display your three most recent WeddingWire reviews on your website, meaning that you don’t have to spend time copying and pasting reviews to move them over to your website. To view the rest of your reviews, users can click to view the rest of your reviews on your Storefront. You can use the Reviews Widget as the sole content for your testimonial page, or in addition to any other content or testimonials you’d like to display. It’s a great way to keep your website fresh and up-to-date without spending a lot of time each week or month.

Streamline your inquiries by using the Contact Us Widget

Do you feel like there are multiple outlets that prospective clients use to submit a lead Even if you’re already using inquiry questionnaires and automated email templates to make managing inquiries easier, it’s not hard to get these multiple outlets confused, or worse – to forget about one! By using the Contact Us Widget on your website, all inbound inquiries will automatically be added into the Inquiries tab of your account. You’ll be able to see all inquiries from both your website and Storefront in one place, making it even easier to keep track of all your clients.

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» HOW TO: Add a Contact Form to Your Website or Blog

It is important you have a way for potential clients to contact you direct from your website and/or blog. While someone is browsing your site, you want to ensure they know how to get in touch should they have any questions or would like to receive a quote.

To make this process easy, WeddingWire has created a Contact Form Widget that you can easily add just by copying the custom HTML within your account.

Just login and click on this link: https://www.weddingwire.com/vendor/VendorAppGallery?t=contact

You will see the custom HTML for your own contact form which you can simply provide to your webmaster or drop into the code on your site if you know how. You will be notified regarding any leads you receive which will be available under the Leads Inbox in your account.

» HOW TO: Use the Contact Us Widget

As noted in this Entrepreneur.com article, a contact form “legitimizes your business by offering a real person to contact, and helps you gather leads.”  If you don’t already have one, WeddingWire makes it easy for your business to add a Contact Us form to your website and/or blog. It is important the form is in a prominent location on your website so that potential clients will actually use it.

To add your custom form:

1. Log in to your WeddingWire account

2.  Click here, or on the My Inbox tab

3. You have the option of collecting Wedding City & State and an additional Message Box, if you would not like to display these fields simply uncheck the corresponding boxes

4. Click and copy the HTML code for the Contact Us widget

5. Paste onto your website and/or blog

Thats it! When someone fills out this form, their information will populate into the Leads section of your WeddingWire account and you will receive an email notification. Keeping all of your leads in one place will help you stay organized and allow you to mark off those you have already responded to.

WeddingWire makes it easy for your business to add a Contact Us form to your website and/or blogWeddingWire makes it easy for your business to add a Contact Us form to your website and/or blog