» Best Apps to Reduce Stress During Busy Season

This article was written by Kevin Dennis, editor of WeddingIQ.

A career in the wedding industry has to be one of the most rewarding and simultaneously most stressful jobs around. While rarely (at least not on a good day) do wedding professionals have to save lives or put theirs in peril, they are responsible for a very important day that doesn’t come with any do-overs. Top that off with intense event logistics and the need to make it all look effortless, and you have a solid recipe for stress.

Finding ways to alleviate that stress yet still deliver incredible weddings should be a top priority to any wedding professional. One way to curb the nail-biting moments is to incorporate technology into your workday that takes some of the burden off of you.

Here are some of our favorite apps for streamlining your work:

Zipwhip for Client Comms

We use Zipwhip for all of our client texting. The beauty of this program is that you can have personalized conversations with customers through one number on your computer. You can skip the hassle of sharing personal mobile numbers and still be just as available.

Canva for Content Creation

Nothing beats the expertise of a professional designer but when you’re in a pinch, Canva is a great, free design program that allows you to create branded content for your wedding business. They have thousands of templates for nearly every need you can imagine- from Facebook covers and Instagram-friendly graphics to presentation slides.

Schedugram for Social Media

One of the best things about Facebook has been the ability to pre-schedule your posts. Unfortunately, Instagram has not had the same option but now there are third party apps like Schedugram that allow you to do just that. Schedule your posts as well as the first comment (aka #hashtagcity).

Zoom for Client Meetings

Zoom is a great high-quality option for video streaming, ideal for client meetings and group conference calls. If you use Google Calendar, you can add a Chrome extension that allows you to create a new Zoom meeting within the calendar entry. Those who offer webinars will find that it doubles as great educational software.

Dropbox for File Management

Sharing files can sometimes be a challenge if they are large and take a long time to download. Dropbox is cloud storage that allows you to upload files like documents or images from your phone, device or computer to folders that you can then easily share with your team or send to a client.

Basecamp for Projects

Project management involves a lot of moving parts, but you don’t have to get buried by the details when you use Basecamp. Quickly and easily assign tasks, monitor projects, track down overdue items and know in a glance what the status of even your most complicated endeavor is.

These are my go-to apps and programs to help relieve stress and I hope they can alleviate some for you too!

Kevin Dennis is the editor of WeddingIQ and the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the past president for Silicon Valley NACE, and national vice president for WIPA.

» Download Our Updated App to Use Messages On the Go

clients app downloadWe’ve added our Messages feature to the refreshed Client Manager app – and it’s now available for download!

With the updated app, it’s never been easier to connect with clients while on the go. You’ll be notified when you get new leads or messages and can reply right from your phone.

Here’s how it works:

  • Receive instant notifications for new leads and client messages
  • Read and respond quickly with automatic account syncing
  • Easily view your shared attachments and important client details
  • Access your full client conversations anytime
  • Update your availability right from your phone (select categories only)

Learn more about the Client Manager app!

» Introducing the Updated WeddingWire App for Couples!

We’re excited to let you know about some exciting updates to our consumer app!

We’ve learned that the vast majority of engaged couples prefer the convenience and simplicity of planning their wedding all within one app. We listened to feedback from real WeddingWire users and made significant updates to improve the performance of the app and the overall user experience.

Download the new WeddingWire app to start planning your wedding!

Our newly redesigned WeddingWire app makes it easier for brides and grooms to find and interact with your wedding business by allowing them to:

  • Search by vendor category and location
  • Find your business and read your reviews
  • Contact you directly by phone or email

Although the new WeddingWire app has changed a lot – including a personalized home screen, wedding countdown clock, and a fresh new look and feel – many of your clients’ favorite features have stayed the same! Your wedding clients can still:

  • Stay organized with our wedding checklist and budget calculator
  • Join the conversation in our community forums right from the app
  • Access our guest list tool and manage RSVPs on the go

Help your clients turn their wedding vision into a reality with our new mobile app! Learn more about the new WeddingWire app or direct your clients to download from the App Store or Google Pay.

» Stay Connected with Our New WeddingWire Mobile Apps for Pros

Stay Connected with our New WeddingWire Mobile Apps for ProsIntroducing the new WeddingWire mobile apps for Pros, My Reviews and My Clients! These new apps allow you to put your wedding business’ best foot forward and manage the most important parts of your business from the palm of your hand.

These new apps are exclusively for WeddingWire Pros so you can get immediate notifications and respond quickly when you receive new reviews and leads. Research shows that if you respond within 5 minutes rather than 30, you are 100 times more likely to make contact with the lead – so responding quickly is extremely important!

The WeddingWire Review Manager for Pros allows you to receive instant review notifications and even request new reviews from your clients through your mobile device. Respond to, share or dispute reviews with a few easy clicks, plus view your current review status and any awards you may be eligible for on an ongoing basis.

Our latest addition, the WeddingWire Client Manager for Pros, helps you manage your inquiries and bookings on-the-go! See important client details like date, location and more right at the initial point of contact so you can determine availability at a glance. Manage the entire process and communicate with current clients from start to finish!

Both apps allow our Pros to easily access what you need from your WeddingWire account and sync new information automatically so you are always up to date. We’re happy to announce that they’re free to download for both Apple via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

Find out more about the Review Manager for Pros and the Client Manager for Pros and download the apps to your devices today!

» Top Apps to Help You Work Smarter

In this day and age, smartphones have become a lifeline for business operations. We use mobile devices to schedule, analyze, remember, and complete all sorts of tasks both for our business’ and our daily lives.

Luckily, there are a ton of great apps available to help you be more effective and help you get more work done. We’ve compiled a list of great apps for Wedding Pros that will help maximize your productivity and keep you organized!

top-apps-to-help-you-work-smarterNeed an app to manage to-do lists? Wunderlist is the app for you!

With Wunderlist you can…

  • Create to-do lists that you can access on your smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Share to-do lists with other people
  • Attach photos and PDFs
  • Delegate to-dos
  • Set reminders for to-dos

Need an app to help with your time management? Toggl Time Tracker is the app for you!

With Toggl Time Tracker you can…

  • Track how much time you are spending on certain apps or websites
  • Track employees time management
  • Export time sheets
  • See what you spend the most time on and use the info to plan accordingly

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» 7 Productivity Apps for Wedding Professionals

Wedding and event professionals are often out of the “office” a lot, which means you’re depending on mobile devices to keep you up to date with everything. It can be frustrating enough to get work done while you’re on-the-go, so it’s important to use the right apps to keep everything straight! Here are seven of the top productivity apps for wedding professionals from our Pinterest board, Apps to Make Your Life Easy!

	7 Productivity Apps for Wedding ProfessionalsCarrot

Have trouble keeping up with your to-do list? More than just a to-do app, Carrot rewards you for completing items on your list! Each time you complete an item, Carrot awards you points which unlock other features. These upgrades to the app make it easy (and addictive) to keep checking off the tasks on your list. We promise you’ll want to keep adding tasks so you can cross them off!


If you’re wondering where all your time goes, look no further than Chronos. Without having to manually enter your time and tasks, Chronos automatically categorizes your time to help you analyze what you do each day. You can also track progress towards personal goals to make sure you stay on track.


The DocuSign app provides a simple and secure way to electronically collect signatures. This app eliminates the hassles, costs, and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning, and mailing documents! If you don’t have access to WeddingWire Client Sites, it’s the next best thing to being able to quickly and easily get the documents you need from your clients.


Have trouble managing your email? The Mailbox app is for you! Mailbox combines your accounts to one place where you have the option to snooze certain email conversations so you can focus on more important items in your inbox. Plus, the app learns from your actions to help keep your accounts under control – the way you would organize it yourself!

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» The WeddingWire Mobile Revolution [Infographic]

Since the beginning, WeddingWire has been a mobile-thinking company with the goal of infusing technology into the wedding industry. We’re committed to keeping up with emerging mobile trends that help connect our Wedding Pros with local engaged couples. As part of that commitment, we’ve created new tools like the Mobile Website Creator, optimized our website and released a family of mobile apps to make it even easier for your business to be exposed to more couples so you can book more weddings.

To get a full picture of where we’ve been and where we’re going, check out our infographic on the WeddingWire mobile revolution!

The WeddingWire Mobile Revolution

» Online Tools for the Creative Entrepreneur

Online Tools for the Creative EntrepreneurAs busy wedding and event professionals, you probably don’t have a ton of free time – if any! With everything on your plate, it can be hard to find the time to be creative with your business. Whether you’re looking for emerging trends in the wedding industry, trying to stay up to date with industry leaders or just thinking about new ways to make your customers happy, you need the right tools to access all that information quickly and efficiently.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have the same problems; you’re expected to be in-the-know about all aspects of your business, but you rarely have the time to keep up with it all. Luckily for you, there are plenty of online tools and apps to make your life easier!

If you want to be creative but still get everything done, use these online tools to save time!

Trend Tools

Pulse – Use the Pulse app to pull all your favorite news sources into one custom stream. You’ll keep your finger on the “pulse” of what’s going on with your favorite websites, publications and news sources. It’s easy to use on your phone or tablet, so you can quickly look through your stream when you have a few extra minutes on the go.

Pinterest – Your business may already be using Pinterest to add your own business’ images to get more backlinks to your website, but you can also use Pinterest as a quick and easy trend spotting tool! Follow your friends in the industry (or even WeddingWire!) for wedding inspiration, and follow WeddingWireEDU to easily scan trends in the business and tech world.

Data Tools

Google Analytics – If you aren’t already signed up on Google Analytics, it’s time to start. Google Analytics allows you to track traffic on your website and blog and see more information about your visitors, what pages they visit, and how long they stayed on your site. You’ll see which areas are performing well and which areas need improvement so you can increase web traffic and conversions. The best part: it’s free!

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» 7 Surprising App Stats

It’s no secret that mobile technology is quickly becoming an all-in-one platform to which we’re all connected. In fact, within 4 months mobile use will actually surpass desktops, and within 9 months there will be more mobile devices than people on earth! We’re in the middle of a mobile revolution – is your business ready? Check out these seven mobile app stats that may surprise you!

Also, be sure to stop by our Pinterest page and check out our board, Apps to Make Your Life Easy, for our suggestions apps to help you manage your business and stay organized!

7 Surprising App Stats | WeddingWireEDU Blog

» Mobile Apps: Don’t Worry, Be Appy!

Webinar Recap!

Mobile Apps: Don't Worry, Be Appy!Yesterday, we hosted our monthly educational webinar for premium members. This month, we focused on mobile technology and the best mobile apps to help you run your business! WeddingWire CMO Sonny Ganguly gave the latest stats on mobile apps adoption and growth as well as shared a list of 41 apps you’ll love (since the average smartphone user has 41 downloaded apps!).

Communication has evolved rapidly over the past 50 years. We’re in the middle of a mobile revolution – mobile use will actually surpass desktops within the next 4 months! To keep up with the mobile growth, make sure you mobilize your website, emails, payments and your client experience. Also, don’t forget to mobilize yourself by investing in a smartphone and/or tablet if you haven’t already!

Check out some more interesting stats from this month’s webinar:

  • 82 billion apps have been downloaded in 2013
  • 1.5 billion apps are available in the Apple Store and Google Play
  • Revenue from apps in 2013 is projected to be $25 billion
  • 800 apps are downloaded every second from the Apple Store
  • 4.4 billion people worldwide will use apps by 2017
  • Within the next 9 months there will be more mobile devices than people on earth

Sonny also named his top 41 apps you should download today to help your business – you can find these and more on our Pinterest board, Apps to Make Your Life Easy!

One thing to remember: mobile is quickly becoming an all-in-one technology to which we’re constantly connected! Follow the tips in this month’s webinar to get ahead of the curve.

Want to watch this webinar? All of our past webinars are available in our Education Center for premium Pros! And stay tuned for information on next month’s webinar.

» What’s New in Social Media

Technology drives our world, and social media has quickly become a center of many people’s daily lives and is evolving at a very rapid pace. Yesterday, our monthly educational webinar, What’s New in Social Media, focused on all the latest in social media!

WeddingWire CMO, Sonny Ganguly, shared social media statistics and surprising updates from leading sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and also discussed the newest and most quickly growing sites and apps that have hit the social scene. From Vine, Instagram Video, Tumblr, Path and more, Sonny shared insights into why these sites have people buzzing, and why they may matter for your business.

Check out some interesting take aways from this month’s webinar:

  • Half of the world’s population uses Facebook (and there are 1.1 billion monthly active users!)
  • 6 billion hours of YouTube is watched every month
  • The leading two factors that will drive social media growth in 2013 are mobile and older users adoption
  • 27% of total US internet time is spent on social networking sites, and 15% of total mobile internet time is spent on social sites
  • Google+ is now the second largest social network, after Facebook
  • Path is a new social site that is a more personalized social network, allowing you only up to 150 people to share content and posts with
  • Tumblr powers over 126 million blogs
  • 80% of Pins on Pinterest are Repins
  • Instagram boasts over 130 million users and gets 575 likes per second

Be sure to review the full webinar in our Education Center for all the interesting social media stats, and the latest #trending apps! Remember, all of our past webinars are available in our Education Center for premium members, and stay tuned for information on next month’s webinar.

» Networking in the Digital Age

We all know the power of networking to expand your business opportunities and contacts! In today’s technology-driven and busy world, people are connecting more than ever online and through mobile.

While face-to-face meetings and networking events are very important and often the best ways to make meaningful connections, there are many online opportunities to make new contacts, as well.

Here are several sites that provide ways to connect to new people professionally:

  • Twitter: More and more people are including their personal or business twitter handles on their business cards, blogs and websites as a way to share their expertise and grow their followers. Interested in connecting with someone you find on twitter? Send them a direct message, or tag them with a message using @!
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, and was created as a way for professionals to connect and share business information, as well as showcase their virtual resumes.
  • Instagram: Snap and edit photos on-the-go, then post to Facebook and Twitter to show off your latest work, recent events and new inspiration with this popular mobile application! Showcasing your work is a great way to build your brand and expertise as a Wedding Pro.
  • Bump: Bump is a smartphone app that relies on a phone’s movement sensor and an Internet connection for trading contact information by physically bumping two phones together. No need for business card swapping with this new technology!