» You Made a Mistake, Now What?

It happens. You’re human. What defines your business is how you deal with the clean up. Especially in the day of social media, you want to make sure you turn a customer’s bad experience around before they spread the word on Facebook or Twitter.

Arguably one of the most important things is reaction time. When you first hear about an issue, make sure you get on the solution immediately. Make sure you know ahead of time what your plan of action will be if (read: when) something goes wrong.

  • Show them why they should stick with your business. Use this as an opportunity to show your customers how well taken care of they are as your customers. That way they know, even if something happens in the future, they’re in good hands.
  • Give them something. Everyone likes something free, usually consumers will focus on what they got and forget about the initial problem. Have low cost freebies on hand to help ease the blow.
  • Be honest. Rather than get defensive and try to turn things around. Apologize, explain, be human. Again, everyone makes mistakes and customers will understand an honest explanation. Just remember then to tell them what you are going to do about it.

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