» #WWEDUChat Recap: Pricing Questions with Alan Berg

#WWEDUChatYesterday, we hosted our first Twitter Chat for Pros, featuring WeddingWire Education Guru Alan Berg.

Alan answered the biggest pricing questions so you can be better prepared to deal with ‘how much?’ this engagement season. Missed the chat? No problem! Find below a full recap of our Q&A with Alan, or check it out on Twitter by following along with the #WWEDUChat hashtag.

Q1: How should you respond when a couple’s first question is ‘how much?’

  • A1: Don’t be evasive, that will turn them off. Give them an idea of cost, without committing to a specific price. #WWEDUChat

Q2: How do you stand out among competition to book the business besides having the best prices?

  • A2: Use reviews to show the value of doing business with you beyond your price. #WWEDUChat

Q3: Do couples find price more important than the quality of work?

  • A3: They’re buying something they’ve never bought so they default to price. Let them ask & start the conversation #WWEDUChat

Q4: How can you shift early convos from price to service quality?

  • A4: Tell them, “I don’t want you to pay any more than you have to, to get everything you need and want” #WWEDUChat

Q5: What is the best way to offer a deal or discount in pricing convos?

  • A5: Discounts and deals work best when there’s a sense of urgency or deadline. Make them clear and simple #WWEDUChat

Q6: What do you do when a couple keeps asking for more discounts?

  • A6: “If price is the most important factor when choosing your __, then we may not be the right choice” #WWEDUChat

Q7: Is it okay to ask about budget so as to not waste their time? If so, when?

  • A7: Yes, but start a conversation first, then make it part of that conversation. #WWEDUChat

Q8: How do you answer if the budget is unrealistic?

  • A8: “I can understand how things add up for your wedding. Couples that value what I do find the budget” #WWEDUChat

Q9: How do you know when it is time to raise prices?

  • A9: You have pricing power when most people say ‘Yes’ and you can fill your calendar. #WWEDUChat

Q10: Should I list my prices on my website?

  • A10: That’s an individual business decision. Couples are looking for it. So at least give them an idea. #WWEDUChat

Q11: Is it a good strategy to publish higher prices on materials so you have room to negotiate?

  • A11: Negotiating is a business decision. Some markets and some audiences expect a discount. #WWEDUChat

Q12: Is it better to have set pricing and packages, or custom packages with add-ons?

  • A12: It’s often easier for a novice client to start with a package, and then customize from there. #WWEDUChat

Q13: How do I find out what my competition is charging and how I can stand out?

  • A13: Secret shopping your competitors is very common. Get to know them personally and they might tell you. #WWEDUChat

Q14: How do you deal with customers who are comparing your pricing with those of a direct competitor?

  • A14: Encourage shopping (they will anyway), make your marketing about selling the outcomes, not the processes. #WWEDUChat

Q15: How can you stand out beyond affordable prices when you are new to the business or town?

  • A15: Being new doesn’t always mean being the lowest price. Charge for the value you provide. #WWEDUChat

Q16: What is the best way to let clients know you accept tips?

  • A16: List on your website and contracts “Gratuities are appreciated” #WWEDUChat

Q17: How would you recommend handling email only pricing requests?

  • A17: Expect that most inquiries will be via email and about price. Prepare an answer in advance. #WWEDUChat

Q18: What about listing a starting price on your website?

  • A18: If your ending price is a lot higher than your starting price it can be misleading. I prefer quoting a range #WWEDUChat

Q19: How do I come up with a realistic price range to quote?

  • A19: Look at all of the jobs you did last year and eliminate the low and high and you’ll have a realistic range. #WWEDUChat

Q20: How many packages should I have?

  • A20: Having 3 packages, with the middle being the one you expect to sell them most of, is often a good strategy. #WWEDUChat

Special thanks to @drms2REALITYLLC and @danieladegrassi for their great questions, as well!

Have more questions? Premium WeddingWire members can check out the full webinar The Price is Right: Tips for Dealing with How Much? that Alan recently hosted, or check out this helpful infographic of addressing common pricing questions.