» Why Your Business Should be on Instagram

Why Your Business Should be on Instagram

Instagram, the increasingly popular online photo- and video-sharing social network, is not often the first choice for businesses as a marketing platform. But with 150 million monthly active users and over 16 billion photos shared thus far, it’s getting increasingly hard for businesses to ignore! Young engaged couples are on Instagram, so it’s important that you reach them where they’re already spending time.

So how can your business make use of Instagram? If you already use the app as a personal network, you know it’s extremely easy to take mobile photos and make them look instantly more professional through the editing options and filters. By uploading photos and videos that support your business’ brand, you’ll place yourself right in front of your audience.

Below are some of the reasons why your business should be on Instagram:

Brand Awareness

You can easily build brand awareness on Instagram through the use of high-quality photos and videos with hashtags. Similar to how they’re used on Twitter, hashtags allow users to filter posts by interest. Using industry hashtags such as #wedding, #WeddingPlanning, or #RealWeddings, will put your posts in front of users interested in those topics. Users will associate your brand with those topics, and follow to see more from you.

Brand Personality

Instagram is not as serious as other networks as it’s relatively new and simpler than networks like LinkedIn or Facebook – so show some brand personality! While always remaining professional (no cursing!), have some fun with your Instagram account. Show behind-the-scenes photos or videos of your events, the process for getting ready for events, or just goofing around at the office. If your business is friendly and good at what you do, couples will want to hire you (or at least take the time to look you up – so make sure you add your website or contact info in your short bio).


Sure, couples can contact you through your Storefront to inquire about your services, but often times they’re just browsing and not yet ready to make a commitment in the early stages of their engagement, but are excited to start the searching and inspiration process. A great way for those couples to learn more about you and have the opportunity to speak with you in a less formal way is to interact with you through social media. Since Instagram is so mobile-friendly, it’s easy for those browsing couples to learn more about you and like or comment while on the go! Just be sure to respond to any questions you receive on Instagram as well.  Also, make sure you add your Instagram account to your website and any other places you promote your social brands so you can be found easily.

Wedding and event professionals create beautiful products or provide lovely services, both of which are interesting types of content. Show them off by creating an Instagram account and catching up with all those couples using Instagram on a daily basis.

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