» Where Has My Facebook Engagement Gone?

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Ariane Fisher

Ariane Fisher is the Co-founder of Storymix Media. Their WeddingMix product is a fun and easy way to crowdsource photos and videos from guests to create an edited wedding video. Ariane is an Apple Certified Professional Video Editor and has been published in Forbes, Crain’s Chicago Business, WeddingMBA, and Rangefinder Online. She has been featured on the ABC evening news in Chicago and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

The writing was on the wall 2 years ago when Facebook debuted newsfeed ads. As businesses began to pay for placement in the newsfeed, it was inevitable that organic reach (unpaid posts) would plummet. And without organic reach, engagement plummeted as well. Bye, bye, free Facebook.

Yes and no. By staying on top of the latest updates, you can continue to enjoy great engagement with your existing and potential clients.

In this article, you’ll learn what type of posts are actually shown to your fans, how to get the content for your posts and how to actually post them.

What is organic reach and engagement?

Organic reach is how many of your fans actually see your posts without you paying for it. If you have 1000 fans that you worked hard to gain, prior to newsfeed ads, Facebook may have shown your posts to 250 of them – for free. Now you can pay $5 – $30 to reach that many of your fans.

Engagement is any interaction between your fans and your post – like, comment or share. It’s what tells you that your fans are alive and paying attention to you.

What posts will Facebook show to my fans?

Facebook uses a mathematical algorithm to decide which posts they will show the most. Facebook’s latest algorithm changes favor something near and dear to my heart – video.

As you can see from the photo below, they are showing posts with video more than the others.

Where Has My Facebook Engagement Gone?

The important thing to notice is the engagement. The more your fans like, share, comment on your posts, the more Facebook shows other posts, like status updates, links and photos. In the case of video posts, they also consider if the fans watched a video for more than a few seconds in determining engagement. 

Where Has My Facebook Engagement Gone?

To be honest, I’ve mostly given up on sharing posts from other pages. I once shared a post from the page of a dear friend and Facebook showed it to 6 people! At WeddingMix, we mostly post video, some photos, and status updates.

Great. I’m not a videographer, how does this help me?

Anyone can, and should, show video on their Facebook page. Every vendor should also have a YouTube channel if you really want to drive traffic to your site, but that’s another topic.

You can get video content pretty easily by taking video of your service to showcase your unique talents. If you’re a cake designer, get some clips of you carefully assembling or decorating a cake. Use Cake Boss as a guide for what makes interesting content. Be yourself and help your potential client fall in love with you and all your various creations.

Here’s a brief mostly unedited how-to video I posted:

As you can see from my video, it does not have to be perfect to provide value to your clients. I had bags under my eyes, a messy background, and poor audio, Yet, I still received thank you notes from clients for the tips.

If you’re an officiant, you can get clips from the multitudes of guests hanging in the aisles filming the ceremony.

You can also work with the videographer who is filming the wedding to ask for detail shots from the event. Edited videos tend to be played for longer as they tell a story, but even without editing, the description is what matters first. Tell people why they should play the video.

We work with wedding vendors all the time to create branded, edited video from their weddings. Showing them or their service in action is definitely helpful to potential brides. If you’re a photographer, they want to know how you’ll interact with their wedding party during the portraits.

Here’s a video we did with Jenny Mann Floral Design to showcase her beautiful work:

How NOT to post a video on Facebook

I already mentioned the importance of YouTube channel, so it should be pretty easy to just share the video on Facebook from YouTube, right? Wrong. Although YouTube makes it simple to share, Facebook does not like videos from other sources. In terms of their algorithm, a YouTube video is considered a link, not a video, and they may show it 1-5% of your fans, rather than the 25% we’re hoping for.

You’ll need to upload the actual video to Facebook to get the great engagement with your fans, but it’s worth it. Brides love to share details from their weddings on Facebook. If you show off their ceremony or other details, they will share and tag friends. We often offer them a small incentive to share the post.

Easy engagement in 1, 2, 3

In summary, here are 3 steps to get back in touch with your fans on Facebook:

  1. Shoot a short video of your business or get a video clip from a videographer or bride
  2. Post directly to Facebook
  3. Offer incentive to your bride to share the post

Using these tips, you’ll see your overall engagement on all posts go up as Facebook sees your fans interacting with your video posts. Ironically, while writing this article, I headed over to Facebook. In the brief scroll down my News Feed, I noticed that half the posts were… videos!