» What’s Next in Social Media: August 2014

What's Next in Social Media

Social media is constantly changing. Each network has its own strategy and features, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. Never fear! We’ve got your monthly update, all in one place, so you can be prepared for what’s next in social media!

Here’s what you need to know about what’s next in social media from August 2014:

Facebook's new Save featureFacebook’s new Save feature

For those who use the Facebook app on iOS, you may have noticed a new option in the drop down menu you see in the right corner of link posts. Facebook is following the lead of services like Pocket and allowing users to “save” links to a list to be found later. This feature makes it easier for users to find stories they may not have had time to look through at the time they first saw it in their News Feed. This feature extends the life of links you post on your page, as your audience can save them for a more convenient time!

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Twitter tests Favorite changes

Twitter has been testing the value of different on actions on Twitter and how they show up in your Twitter timeline. Previously, when a user “Favorited” another tweet, a notification was sent to the other user, but it did not create a story within other people’s timelines. Now, Twitter is testing including Favorites within the timeline, similar to a Retweet. Similar to this test is including tweets from accounts that are followed by one or more of your followers.

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Instagram releases insight tools

As more and more brands begin using Instagram, the social network has released three products to help them build their reach: Account insights, Ad insights and Ad staging. These tools will help brands monitor the overall reaction to their posts and campaigns. Account insights will allow brand to see their Instagram impressions, reach and engagement, Ad insights will show the performance of paid campaigns, and Ad staging will allow brands to preview and save ads for upcoming campaigns. These tools will provide much more understanding into account performance!

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Pinterest unveils messaging functionality

Pinterest wants users to start having conversations about pins within the Pinterest environment! When a user sends you a pin, you can reply with a text-based message or even with another pin. The goal of this new functionality is to help users collaborate on projects – you can send a Pinterest message to one user or several, making it easier to work together. Users can send individual pins or entire boards, depending on their needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Social networks are conforming to help businesses. As much as most social networks were built for individuals, the social media industry is now realizing the potential of businesses using their platforms. To help businesses further their ability to reach new customers and track their progress, Instagram’s new insight tools will provide businesses with information so that they may make more informed decisions.
  • Social networks are in a constant state of testing. The best way to know if a feature or change will be successful is to test! Pay attention to the small changes in your accounts and offer feedback where you can, as these platforms are looking for data to help them make decisions. Twitter’s Favorite test is helping them figure out if users want more than just followers’ tweets in their timelines, so be sure to check out the functionality.
  • Social networks are combining features and benefits. Just as Snapchat added a messaging component to its already-popular image-sharing network, Pinterest’s messaging addition will help the network capitalize on collaboration and sharing that’s already happening! These networks are getting better at understanding how users are actually using their features, so keep your eye out for how these new features could impact your marketing efforts.