» What’s Next in Social Media: October 2013

What's Next in Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, so it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. Never fear! We’ve got your monthly update, all in one place, so you can be prepared for what’s next!

Here’s what you need to know for social media news and updates from October 2013!

Facebook Custom Audiences are Coming

Facebook’s newest ad product, Custom Audiences, allows marketers to import their own contact lists for targeting. The product is being rolled out to a limited number of U.S. advertisers over the next few weeks, with all advertisers having the import capabilities by the end of November.

Businesses can easily upload customer information such as email addresses or phone numbers and target users with ads for their business’s website, Facebook page or mobile app. The ability to use MailChimp lists with Custom Audiences will also be available for the first time.

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What's Next in Social Media: October 2013Instagram’s Sneak Peek

Last month, we shared with you Instagram’s plans to add advertisements. This month, Instagram has released a sneak peek of what ads on Instagram will look like. Ads will be in the same format as photo posts on the social network, but you’ll know the photo or video is an ad when you see the “Sponsored” label in the top right corner of the image.

In addition to a look at the format of advertisements, Instagram also explained that you can hide an ad by tapping the “…” below the ad. This functionality takes a page out of the Facebook playbook, allowing users to have more control over the ads that appear in their accounts. The network is first testing these ads with a handful of brands that are already popular on Instagram.

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LinkedIn Gets Mobile Makeover

Based on mobile usage statistics, LinkedIn has decided that its future lies in reaching users beyond their desktops on mobile devices. The professional network is releasing five different apps that will cater to the varied needs of LinkedIn’s 200+ million users.

The first app, the main LinkedIn app, will be an extension of the experience on a desktop, with mobile-specific features such as the ability to press a button to instantly apply for a job. The other LinkedIn apps include a contacts app directed at sales people who need easy access to their contact lists; Pulse, a news aggregation app that combines LinkedIn news with news from other outlets; Recruiter, an app that addresses the needs of LinkedIn’s recruiters; and Intro, an add-on that routes a user’s email through LinkedIn servers to gather information about the sender from their LinkedIn profile.

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Twitter Goes Visual

Twitter has added photo and video previews to the home feed, where previously users had to click on a link or expand a tweet to see these sorts of media. Users have been able to tweet photos and videos for a while now, but Twitter has taken these sorts of tweets one step further by making them appear in the home feed with no other action necessary to see them.

This change reflects the trend in other social networks moving towards more visual types of posts. In preparation for the network’s upcoming IPO, this change is aimed at boosting Twitter usage. Although the company would like to keep the feed as streamlined as possible, it hopes to alter the public’s perception that Twitter is behind the other, newer social networks by making photos and videos more visible.

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Pinterest to Please Photographers

Pinterest has announced a deal with Getty images that will provide users with photo metadata, meaning that users will be able to see things like the title, caption and photographer’s name from any Getty image pinned on Pinterest.

One of the biggest complaints about Pinterest has been the fact that photographers who choose not to use a watermark (or whose watermark has been removed from their photos) receive no credit for images used on Pinterest without their permission or knowledge. Not only will this information help to eliminate copyright complications, it will also make it easier for users to find similar and related photos. This is an exciting update for all wedding and event Pros on Pinterest. Now you can more easily retain attribution for the work that you pin!

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Google+ Releases Shared Endorsements

Google+ will be launching “Shared Endorsements,” advertisements that are tied to Google+ activities such as reviews, +1s or comments. These ads will be similar to Facebook’s Sponsored Stories or Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, building advertisements based on your circles’ activities.

There are some exceptions to the terms of Shared Endorsements; they will not override your existing privacy settings, and those who are under 18 with profiles will be exempt. You can also opt out of being included in a Shared Endorsement by going here. Shared Endorsements will launch on November 11th.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ads are becoming smarter. Ads are using more and more personalized data to make each ad more relevant to the user. Make sure you understand how to use these new features to be able to better reach your customer base.
  • Mobile technology is quickly replacing the traditional desktop. All of the networks in this post have mobile apps that have slightly different capabilities than their desktop counterparts. Use tools like our Mobile Website Creator to bring your business’s website up to speed.
  • Photographers, in particular, should rejoice! Pinterest’s deal with Getty signifies a shift towards proper attribution for photographers and other artists. Photo metadata is also very useful for other brands, as well!

Read our update every month for an update on any new social media features/changes in one quick place so you can be informed!