» What’s Next in Social Media: November 2013

What's Next in Social Media

What’s Next in Social Media: November 2013Social media is constantly changing. Each network has its own strategy and features, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news. Never fear! We’ve got your monthly update, all in one place, so you can be prepared for what’s next!

Here’s what’s next in social media for November 2013!

Facebook Updates Chat

Facebook has been testing a new feature in its messaging that allows users to see which friends are using a mobile device to access Facebook or if they are using it via desktop. Before this feature, Facebook users who were not using desktop could use Facebook messenger but were shown to be offline, or they were shown to be completely offline even when accessing through the app.

Users chatting via Facebook can currently see that the other user is on a mobile device from within the message, whereas the new feature will allow users to know which device their recipient is using beforehand, allowing them to make more informed decisions in their messages such as sending shorter chats or choosing to wait until the recipient is on a desktop.

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Custom Twitter Timelines

If you’re sick of searching through a constant stream of tweets to find something relevant, Twitter’s custom timelines are for you! Users can use Twitter’s Tweetdeck to create your own timelines around particular events or topics.

Twitter had dipped into this territory previously with Twitter Lists, but the new timelines differ in that they are completely embeddable. For those who would like to embed a Twitter stream based on a specific topic in real-time, this new function makes it possible.

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Pinterest’s New Place Pins

Last week, Pinterest introduced its newest feature, Place Pins. Place Pins allow users to geo-tag photos they pin, which means that they can be added to a map. Addresses and phone numbers are also optional so that users can easily get directions to the places they’re pinning.

Pinterest Place Pins use Foursquare locations to link up the address/phone number with the name of the location. With the introduction of this new feature, users are also invited to create boards with other users to plan trips or activities. Additionally, this new feature should save avid Pinterest users time when searching for answers about where an image came from.

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LinkedIn Launches Showcase Pages

LinkedIn has announced Showcase Pages, new account pages that will allow companies with multiple divisions to create targeted pages under the umbrella of a larger company. This would allow companies to share things with a more focused and interested audience.

Similar to Company Pages, Showcase Pages will be followable, meaning that LinkedIn users can follow a specific business unit of a company. Unlike Company Pages, however, Showcase Pages will not have tabs for Careers or Products & Services. Companies can also advertise on Showcase Pages, whether by Follower Ads aimed at increasing total followers or by Sponsored Updates that will put updates in front of users who are not currently following the page.

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Google+ Now Required for YouTube Comments

As part of Google’s recent overhaul of YouTube’s comment system, the search giant now requires that users sign in via Google+ account to post comments on YouTube videos. YouTube users could previously post comments much more anonymously with usernames associated with a wide variety of email accounts. Now, all comments will be associated with a Google+ profile.

Users can edit their privacy settings on YouTube and Google+ to adjust who will be able to see their comments and conversations on YouTube, but they will still need to be signed in and publicly displayed as their own identities. This new policy has sparked negative feedback from users, while Google+ believes it’s a step in the right direction towards alleviating some of the negative comments and the need for moderation on many YouTube comment threads.

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Key Takeaways

  • Social media is becoming more targeted. The ability to add custom timelines on Twitter and LinkedIn’s new Showcase Pages show that the big networks are realizing the need for targeted channels. With all of the content being shown to people on a daily basis, it’s important to understand that some information is only relevant to certain audiences. Remember to build your business’s social audience with people who will find your information relevant or useful!
  • Social networks are allowing for a variety of devices. Changes like Facebook’s new mobile versus desktop chat distinction mean that the industry is further recognizing the rise of mobile devices and how usage and communication differs on this channel. As we mentioned last month, mobile technology is quickly replacing the traditional desktop, so it’s important to be prepared for the mobile future.
  • Google is continuing to increase its reach. As Google expands its network of websites and products, it will continue to incorporate its own technologies into more of our lives. Creating a Gmail account already requires a Google+ account, and now just commenting on a video also requires a Google+ account. Google is clearly invested in growing its own social network – so make sure you jump on board!