» Using Social Media for Customer Service

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your business should be social in some way. Connecting with your potential clients has become harder than ever with the amount of marketing messaging being aimed at consumers, so you need to reach them in a more natural way. Reach them where they’re already spending time – social media!

If you haven’t already set up a social media presence for yourself, first evaluate your audience and check out resources like this infographic to decide which social channels to target based on your audience’s needs. You don’t have to have a presence on them all (especially if you have limited time and resources), but a little effort can go a long way.

Using Social Media for Customer ServiceMost businesses are aware that social media can help your business grow through brand awareness and brand recognition, but did you also know that social media has quickly become an important and effective customer service tool?

Find out how your business can leverage Facebook and Twitter for customer service with our tips below!

Managing Customer Care on Facebook

One of the biggest trends businesses should be aware of is the tendency of unsatisfied customers reaching out publicly through Facebook. For wedding and event professionals, many of your current and past clients will leave a review rather than reach out on Facebook, but Facebook is very easy to access, especially on the go. If you do receive a negative post or comment on your business’ Facebook page, respond quickly and try to take the issue off of the public domain by working it out through private message, email or a phone call.

Pro Tips

  • Apologize for anything you may have done to make them feel that way, or for any inconvenience they may have experienced
  • Respond quickly so that the situation does not get worse with time

Responding to Customer Issues on Twitter

It seems like everyone has a Twitter account these days, which means many opportunities for people to talk about your business. Some large or technical brands even have Twitter accounts dedicated to customer support. Whether or not a user includes your Twitter handle, you can easily check for feedback about your business by monitoring any replies, mentions or retweets involving your Twitter handle as well as monitor tweets your brand name through search. Even if they don’t use your Twitter handle in the tweet, you can still find out who is talking about your brand and respond accordingly.

Pro Tip

  • Use the “Reply” function rather than a regular tweet with the user’s handle – this way your response will show up beneath theirs for others to see


Not all of the feedback you receive from customers will be negative! It’s just as important to watch out for praise for your customers so you can thank them for taking the time to compliment your business and make them feel even more special. Use social media for customer service, whether positive or negative, so that anyone who might be reading knows you’re on the case!