» Use Twitter #Hashtags for Your Business

At WeddingWire, we recommend incorporating social media into your overall business and marketing strategy. One of the top social media sites to develop a professional presence on is Twitter, a micro-blogging site that uses up to 140 character posts (called tweets) to generate information across the web—keeping your message short, sweet, and direct.

Hashtags should be part of your Twitter social media strategy. Hashtags are designated by a number sign (#), and are used to make your tweet’s topic searchable. Adding a relevant hashtag to your tweet will help to ensure that your message reaches your intended audience. For example, if sharing a tip on preparing for the big day, you could add #weddingplanning to your tweet and your message could be found by a couple searching for wedding planning tips or resources.

Get started using hashtags to lead potential clients to your account, which will ultimately generate more followers for your business! We’ve compiled some valuable tips on how to optimize hashtag use when marketing your business on Twitter below, inspired by a recent Mashable post.

Mind your business. Seeking out business-specific hashtags like #smallbiz or #wedding will ensure you are categorized by relevant audiences. To generate even more specific categories for opportunities to interact, try adding in industry specific hashtags like #weddingplanning to access relevant content and connections.

Keep it simple. Don’t create long or complex hashtags, as the terms will get lost in the Twittersphere. Instead, use hashtags that are short and direct in order to receive more search queries.

Put it on the dashboard. If you’re using a dashboard platform to organize your multiple social media accounts, try organizing your accounts by hashtag that most applies to your business. This will allow you to see all tweets according to the topic, and is an easy way to stay in the conversation and share great information, while monitoring the trends.

Follow on Friday! Follow Friday (also referred to as #FF) is a popular Twitter trend. Each Friday is designated as a day to share the people that you recommend to your followers, and gain recognition from your own Twitter friends! It is easy to be part of Follow Friday; simply select an account or several accounts you recommend, tag them by posting an @ before their twitter handle, add any short message about why you recommend them, and include the #FF hashtag!