» Twitter Tips for Wedding Professionals

Twitter Tips for Wedding ProfessionalsWith WeddingWire World 2015 less than a week away, we’re getting excited for the flurry of social activity from our wedding professionals in attendance. We love seeing what you all have to say, and it’s great to open up a dialogue both during and after the event. Because we know you’re excited, too, now is a good time to talk about Twitter tips and etiquette to help your business stand out.

If you’re just getting started with Twitter, these Twitter best practices for wedding businesses will help you start connecting with new potential customers and building industry connections. If you’re ready for some more in-depth Twitter tips for wedding professionals, check out our list below!

Tweet at least once a day

Tweets are short and disposable, so it’s essential that you tweet at least once a day to fill up your own timeline. Just as inactivity is frowned upon on Facebook, it’s also a problem on Twitter! In addition to indicating that your business is alive and well to your Twitter profile visitors, tweeting consistently increases the likelihood that your tweets are seen by others. The best time of day to get click-throughs on your tweets is 12pm, and the best time of day to get retweets is 5pm. Note that both these times of day are when people are active on their smartphones – during lunch and after work – so they’re looking for something to keep them occupied during a few spare minutes. Reach them then!

…But not too much

Although tweets are short and disposable, too many of them can easily add up to be overwhelming for your followers. If you’re constantly tweeting and updating your followers on your every move, your followers may be tempted to ‘Mute’ you or, even worse, ‘Unfollow’ you. Target your tweets during those peak times mentioned above and add a few more tweets to your queue if you have something to say, but don’t tweet so often that you become frustrating to your followers.

Schedule, don’t automate

We’re all about saving time, but your business shouldn’t use services that completely automate your tweeting process. You can schedule tweets in advance so that you can coordinate a strategic schedule, but services that auto-tweet your blog posts or changes to your website are more often than not obviously robotic. You may do more harm than good if your followers realize that you’re not even paying attention, plus there are a lot of opportunities for error when a real person isn’t proofreading the actual tweets you’re sending out into the world. Find other ways to save time that don’t negatively affect your audience’s perception of your business.

Engage, don’t sell

Look for ways to engage with your Twitter followers in a natural conversation or exchange without aggressively mentioning or replying to tweets with your sales pitch. Set up alerts that email you when someone mentions your business, and then set up alerts for certain keywords that could involve your business. When you’re alerted to a conversation about a given topic, reply or mention the account with a tweet that addresses adds value to the conversation and is a natural segue into your business. For example, if someone in your area tweets about their frustrations in finding a wedding photographer, reply that you’re sorry to hear that and they can feel free to reach out to you with questions or for more information. This tip will help you reach couples in a relevant way that is timely and more natural than sending all your followers a link to your site.

Keep your following ratio proportionate

It’s important that you follow relevant accounts for your business, but it’s also important to gain relevant followers. If you’re following a few hundred (or even thousand) accounts but only have less than a hundred followers, it can be off-putting. Twitter accounts that have a disproportionate amount of followers to accounts followed are often spam accounts that tweet a lot with little engagement. It’s understandable that you’ll most likely follow more accounts than will follow you back, just don’t get too crazy with the ‘Follow’ button until you’ve gathered a bit of a following.

What other Twitter tips do you have to add? Let us know it the comments!