» Twitter Best Practices for Wedding Businesses

Twitter Best Practices for Wedding BusinessesSince many wedding professionals focus on Facebook or Pinterest for their social media marketing, it seems like Twitter is sometimes lost in the mix – but it shouldn’t be. In fact, 23% of millennials follow a brand on Twitter, and 47% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to visit that company’s website! With these strong statistics, it’s hard to avoid Twitter as a marketing tactic.

These Twitter best practices for wedding businesses will help you get started with Twitter so you can start connecting with new potential customers and building industry connections.

Optimize your profile

Customizing your Twitter profile is really easy and only takes a few minutes to give your business a professional look. Twitter has instructions and image dimensions here, but the basics are to:

  • Upload a profile photo. Since this profile is for your business, use your wedding business’ logo as your profile photo. If you don’t have a business logo, try using a photo of your finished product or a photo from a recent wedding. Try to avoid using your own image as your profile photo – remember, this is supposed to represent your business, not you!
  • Select a descriptive header photo. Your header photo appears at the top of your profile, and Twitter will overlay your business’ bio, location and website overtop, so keep the photo simple. Don’t use a lot of text and avoid overly bright or dark images. Be sure to check out how your header photo looks with your profile photo to ensure brand consistency.
  • Write your bio. Beneath your Twitter handle on your profile, Twitter will display your business’ name, location, website and a short description. Describe your business in this space to make it clear to anyone who stumbles across your profile. Also include keywords where appropriate – Twitter profiles do show up in search.
  • Choose a background. This step isn’t necessary; Twitter gives you several options for “themes” and you can leave your background blank if you’d like. If you have a design you’d like to use, upload it as your background. Don’t use a tiled version of your logo, though, as that often appears busy and unprofessional.

The bottom line for your Twitter profile is to keep it consistent with your business’ branding. Your Twitter profile could be the first time a new user interacts with your brand, so make a good first impression.

Know what to tweet

The obvious answer here is to tweet about your business, but remember that you only have 140 characters per tweet! It can be difficult to convey what you want to in so few characters, so break up your ideas into small chunks and tweet more often. Combine tweets about your business’ website (or WeddingWire Storefront!) with tweets about trends and news in the wedding industry. A few examples:

  • We just received another awesome review on @WeddingWire! Check it out here: xxx
  • New photos from this weekend’s beautiful beach-themed wedding! Xxx
  • #WeddingPros: What are your thoughts on “unplugged” weddings?
  • So excited for this weekend’s elegant city wedding! Sneak preview here: xxx
  • Interesting article in the @HuffingtonPost about the things you should not DIY for your wedding: xxx

Start slow and add more tweets to your queue as you think of new ideas! You can also check out what other Pros or influencers are tweeting about, which brings us to our next point…

Find out whom to follow

A big part of your success on Twitter is following the right people and hoping (or downright asking) that they follow you back! You can use Twitter’s search function to search for people in the wedding industry or your specific category and follow them there, or you can use a website like wefollow to help identify Twitter power users in your areas of interest. When you follow a user on Twitter, the other user gets a notification – so if you’re following people who share mutual interests, they’re likely to follow you back (especially if you have a completed, professional profile). If you don’t get a lot of follows for your efforts, you can also ask a few users to follow you back. Just don’t try that with all your target followers; you don’t want to sound spammy by asking for followers.

These Twitter best practices for wedding businesses will help you make the most of your presence so you can start collecting an engaging audience!