» Track Tweets, Likes, and Pluses with Google Analytics

Google has added the ability to track your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ on your website, blog, and Facebook Fan Page through Google Analytics Social Tracking. You will have to make a few updates to the pages you want to track to incorporate a bit of new code.

Once you log into your account, you’ll need to switch to the “New Version” and grab the provided code. Then it is important to add this code to the correct places on the pages you want to track. Click here for the full instructions.

After you give Google Analytics a full 24 hours to update, you will be able to see a new “Social” section where you will be able to view this data. The Social section is divided into three parts:

Engagement – view how likely users are to become socially involved on each page

Action – see the total actions users have taken on your site as well as the percentage of each type (like, tweet, etc.)

Pages – allows you to compare which pages your visitors take action and what actions they take

If you’re wondering why we haven’t mentioned the +1 button, it’s because Google built this to automatically track so you are already set!