» Top Creative Facebook Posting Tips for Your Business

Are you searching for ways to take your Facebook engagement to the next level but are worried about generating enough creative content? Explore using the following types of posts that have proven to drive interaction and keep your followers interested in your brand.

Photos, pictures and video clips are popular with followers and fans! Additionally, the wedding community loves to see creative and inspiring examples of your work, and what better way to display your talent and promote your business?

Ask Questions or Play a “Game”
Popular ways to increase community engagement include posing a question to your followers or a fill-in-the-blank “game.” For example, you could ask “What is your favorite part of a wedding?” or “My best piece advice to newlyweds is ______.” You may be surprised by your number of responses and the interesting conversation that stems from these games! Participate by sharing your opinions, driving conversation to the next level and, of course, and thanking your followers for their thoughts.

Humanize your business page to your followers! Work to generate interest by sharing event or style tips, favorite things, emerging trends and industry news. Show the person behind the brand by sending messages of thanks when you reach milestone goals, wishing your followers happy holidays and replying to people who post. This interaction builds a friendship with your community while providing valuable content. It is important to not use your page to purely push marketing and sales, as followers are quick to disengage with social media sites if they feel the brands are being overly promotional.

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