» Top 10 Instagram Statistics

By now, you have likely heard of the wildly popular photo sharing app, Instagram! This past year, Instagram has launched exciting new features including web profiles, video sharing, and recently promoted ads. However, it’s not only Instagram’s strong brand awareness, frequent new feature roll-out and overall app popularity that are making it one of the most engaging channels on social media.

Check out these top 10 Instagram statistics about the app and its high levels of engagement:

  1. There are currently 150 million active monthly users
  2. Over 16 billion photos have been shared
  3. 1.2 billion likes occur every day
  4. 55 million photos are shared on average each day
  5. 1000 comments occur per second on Instagram
  6. Currently the average photo receives an average of 37 interactions per 1,000 followers, while videos get an average of 24 interactions per 1,000 followers
  7. The top three most popular photo filters are Lo-fi, X-Pro II, and Mayfair
  8.  The most popular day to post is Thursday, but Sundays receive the most interaction for the average user
  9. On average, you get one comment for every 33 likes as a brand
  10. The average user spends 257 minutes per month on Instagram

If you haven’t done so already, consider creating an Instagram account for your business today by downloading the app in Apple iTunes or Google Play on your iPhone or Android device.

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