» Keep Your Facebook Business Page Fresh!

Facebook brand pages for your business are a good way to connect with your client base and reach new audiences. However, it is important to keep your page updated with new, engaging and relevant content (but not overpost!).


Check out these 6 ideas of engaging Facebook content for businesses from SocialApe Marketing:

  • Behind the Scenes Photos: Share a peek into your day! Followers will be interested to see what you are up to, and feel like they get to know you and your staff on a personal level. Examples of this may be photos of prepping from a past wedding or event, a new arrival of business-related good or product, an inside look at your workspace, or what you did recently for inspiration.
  • Trivia Questions: People love a little friendly competition. Ask something about the most popular wedding flower in August, pop culture trivia about a celebrity’s wedding, and more. You could even make this a deal where the first person to answer right gets a prize or you pick the most creative answer to encourage engagement with your post.
  •  Offer Exclusivity: Post a deal on Facebook that is valid to Facebook fans of your business only. This is a great way to make followers feel like you are really invested in them. This is also a great way to add fans!
  • Don’t Just Talk About Your Business: It may seem strange, but you want to post content that is not just about you. Occasionally post about the season, fun events, upcoming holidays, or even current events. This will helps fans connect to your business and see the “person” behind the brand.
  •  Ask Questions: You want fan interaction? Start a conversation! Have clients post photos about your business when they visited you for consultations, or with your product. Ask them their favorite part of planning their big day or special event, and what your business can do or has done to help. Also encourage them to share their photos or memories to increase engagement.
  • Be Original: Remember, nothing is right or wrong when it comes to marketing your business on social media. Don’t be afraid to show your personality, but always remain professional.  Showing originality is great to stay on top of trends in an ever-evolving industry, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

When it comes to social media and blogging, content and images are key! Keep your sites up-to-date with new content, and test what works for your business and what drives positive engagement. For additional tips, check out “How to Be a Social Media Posting Pro”  from an earlier blog post.