» Tips for Getting More Facebook “Likes”

Tips for Getting More Facebook "Likes"It’s important to extend your online presence beyond your website and Storefront, since more people are likely to find you if your brand has a presence in more places. Facebook business pages are a great way to gain more exposure for your brand! As the reigning #1 social networking site, Facebook is a great place to interact with your fans and potential customers.

Whether you’re starting a new Facebook business page or just want to increase the number of followers on your current page, here are a few simple tips for getting more Facebook “likes”!

  1. Put the Facebook “Like” button on your business website. Follow this link to learn how!
  2. Invite your Facebook friends to like your business page. If you have a following on your personal Facebook, post a status asking them to “like” your business page. This will give your brand added exposure to their networks.
  3. Include your Facebook link in multiple places such as on your website, blog and even in your email signature. Without sharing you business page, your clients, potential clients and more will not know it exists!
  4. Create a contest or incentive for people to “like” you. An easy contest example would be to pick a prize for every 25 “likes” your page receives as you work to grow your following. Set monthly goals for number of followers you would like to reach to stay on track and come up with creative ways to encourage new “likes.”
  5. Ask your followers on other social networks to connect with you. If you have a following on another social media network like Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, invite them to join you on Facebook as well!
  6. Connect with other business. Liking the Facebook pages for businesses you’re “friendly” with or other thought leaders. This will likely result in a “like” back and added business exposure to their followers!
  7. Call your customers to action by adding your Facebook link or “Like” button to your blog posts, newsletters or other educational resources or updates.

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