» Things to Keep in Mind & Keep Your Facebook Friends

Beyond Zuckerberg’s original concept of a social networking tool for college students, Facebook has become a primary marketing component for businesses of all sizes.  Requests to be ‘liked’ and ‘friended’ are common phrases used on networking blogs and vendor forums.  But what about ‘unfriending’?

Students at the University of Colorado Business School launched a study and found the top three reasons for ‘unfriending’ someone on Facebook are if their posts are:

Facebook Unfriend

  1. Boring
  2. Ranting
  3. Rude

In a very real way, this study shows how and why online relationships end.  So how do you avoid these common pitfalls and keep your Facebook relationships?

Keep their Attention: If you constantly flood your customer inbox’s with the same product announcement or update – without any novel content or ‘wow’ factor – you are likely to lose their interest.  Remember, the average person has a very short attention span.  If you don’t grab their attention right away (think 10 seconds) you are likely to lose it forever.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Once again, your marketing strategy must be precise, efficient, and to the point.  Long-winded explanations and lengthy proposals will quickly lose the interest of any potential or existing customers.

Keep in Touch: Think of every customer, potential and existing, as important.  Just because they’ve never purchased something from your company before, doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.  Remember if you take existing customers for granted with the mentality of “we already got you so we’re not going to put effort in communicating with you” they will notice.  Especially when these potential customers are being flattered by another company for new business.

Now that Facebook has evolved into a valuable marketing tool for your business, be sure to keep these strategies in mind to avoid the dreaded ‘unfriend’ button. Check back tomorrow for some more ways you can integrate your Facebook account with your WeddingWire account!