» The #1 Rule of Twitter

Twitter is a rapidly growing social media site that allows you to connect in real-time with people on the web, anyone from your past clients to Beyonce. The point of Twitter is to network, connect, and share with others in a way that wasn’t possible before. While it could eventually help bring in business long term, that is not the main goal.

Build relationships now, sell later.

Think of Twitter as the start to a conversation. You are saying hello, not beating potential clients over the head with your latest discount or special. It is important to let your contacts know what is going on with your business and keep them informed, but keep it to a minimum. It is always a good rule of thumb to act as you would in a real life conversation. While Twitter can later on lead to referrals and potential business, the only way you can accomplish that is by first fostering a relationship with your followers.

For some perspective, imagine you see a brand on Twitter you have heard about before but don’t know much about. They tweet about relevant information to your industry or even about your favorite football team’s win last night. You have the ability to connect on a new level. These types of relationships can help you build a positive frame of reference with others, so when they know someone who needs a photographer or florist or DJ, they might say, “Oh, I know someone you should check out!”

There is a growing potential for your business to create real relationships on Twitter and build your referrals later on down the road. For more ways to maximize Twitter, read this article.