» Social Media Guide #3: Facebook

The next featured tool in our overview of Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide for Creating Social Media Buttons is Facebook.  Learn more about how to effectively use Facebook’s Like and Share buttons to promote your business!

Facebook Like Box

What It’s For: Like Twitter’s Official Follow Button, the Facebook Like Box enables your business to promote its Facebook business page on your website/blog, highlight other users who have already liked your page, and feature recent posts on your page. The box also allows visitors to become a fan of (AKA ‘like’) your Facebook business page with just one simple click without leaving your site, enabling you to promote your Facebook presence and easily increase your page’s fan count.

How to Implement It: To generate a Facebook Like Box for your website, visit https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/. Include the URL for your Facebook business page as well as your customization preferences. Then generate the HTML code, and place it on your website where you want it to appear.

Facebook Like Button

What It’s For: Facebook’s Like button is basically a button that enables visitors to easily give a virtual thumbs up to your content. By clicking the Like button, a story also appears on the user’s Facebook profile and in their friends’ News Feed with a link back to your web page, whether it’s a blog post or a specific landing page. Use this button to make it easy for visitors to endorse your content and share it with their Facebook connections.

How to Implement It: Visit https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ to customize your Like button and grab the code to place on your website.




Facebook Share Link

What It’s For: While Facebook no longer supports its official Facebook Share button and has officially replaced it with the Like button, there are still some valuable use cases for implementing a Facebook share link on your content, and it’s not difficult to do. While the Like button does automatically share content to the user’s profile and get displayed in their friends’ News Feeds, the button still doesn’t enable users to add a comment or message to the content they’re liking. Creating your own Facebook share links provides your visitors with the option to customize their messaging around the content they’re sharing. These links can then be added to web pages, blog articles, landing pages, or within content like ebooks/whitepapers.

How to Implement It: To create your own Facebook share link, replace the red highlighted URL with the URL of the content you want to promote. Then link the full URL to the anchor text you want to appear in your content.


Interested in learning more about what Facebook offers? Review all of Facebook’s official social media plugins in one place: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/.

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